NJIT's Contributions to Newark's Economic Development

Dr. Joel Bloom, President, New Jersey Institute of Technology, sits down with Steve Adubato to discuss his goals as the new chair of the NJ President’s Council, how NJIT is contributing to economic development in Newark, and the 2018 MetroLab National Summit being held on campus.

10/6/18 #3124






"Welcome folks. I'm Steve Adubato. More importantly, we want to welcome, once again, Doctor Joel Bloom, President of New Jersey Institute of Technology. You also happen to be the chair of the New Jersey President's Council, which is? Which is all of the institutions of higher education in the state of New Jersey from public, to independent, to private, to proprietary, to religious. That was in the legislation that reorganized higher ed. So there's a Secretary of Higher Education, and there's a President's Council, and they, in part, co-create policy, program reviews, et cetera. Doctor Cole... we just finished with Doctor Cole and... excuse me, with Doctor Bloom and three other presidents... a whole complex, interesting discussion about the future of higher education. I don't want to repeat that conversation, but I want to ask you this. You said... and I want to follow up on this, we don't have... New Jersey doesn't have a marketing campaign for higher education in New Jersey across the board, and I thought, "You all have a lot of ads, you all have a lot of promotion for individual institutions, but not for the state. Is it doable? It is doable. And by the way, who does it? It could come through the President's Council... No, you said Michigan? I think you said...? Oh, I'm sorry the states that do what Michigan has... public higher education, I think there are privates in there too, but I know about the public higher education system in Michigan markets the SUNY system... In New York? The public State University of New York. What did it do for us? What would it do for us? In the in the minds of educators, parents, prospective students, to begin thinking about this rich array of colleges, universities, degrees, courses, that are across the state. So if you're in northern New Jersey, as we often hear, and you want to go elsewhere, you can go to southern New Jersey, find schools in southern New Jersey. Likewise, southern New Jersey going to northern New Jersey. We keep on hearing about we're a small, compact state, and everyone wants to run over the border. I am not so sure that's the case. I don't... I do not believe we have done a good job in projecting the excellence and the quality of higher education in the state of New Jersey. So we've shot on your campus at NJIT. We're actually... as we do this program, we're gonna be doing... shooting something called the Voice Summit. It'll be seen after that. But one of the things that strikes me about NJIT, and you can talk..."