Patrick Wilson and Dagmara Domińczyk Aim to Stay Grounded

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Patrick Wilson, Actor and Singer, and Dagmara Domińczyk, Actor and Author, to discuss their highly successful careers, their volunteer work with Montclair Film and the importance of keeping their family grounded.

2/20/2020 #2278






"Pat. (laughter) never talk to pat. Never call pat? Never. Oh we're on the air hi Steve Adubato here at the tisch wnet studio we have a dident I can't get this I’m a broadcaster dynamic charismatic talented team Patrick Wilson. Yes. Does not like to be called pat. Patrick Wilson. Hey. Actor singer and Dagmara Dominczyk. Yes. Who is you know this guy? I do, I know him a little bit . They're married, they're Talented, they're connected to our friends at the Montclair film festival. Yes. I saw you recently back in what did I see you in? Succession. Oh yes succession. You play, describe the character. Oh my my character's name is Karolina (laughter) Appropriately called. And she's had she's not she's probably Czech--She's not polish. Probably Czech--Well, her last last name is Novotny which to me is Czech not polish. Okay. She's the head of their PR we always start with PR so-- And she has to handle very difficult situations? A little bit here and there. Hopefully more next season. I love it, I love it. It's a dream gig and I love it. Tell everyone where they can see that. HBO. I know check it out. What are you doing these days doing a lot of great things. Oh boy I just had midway come out and now I’m just chilling being a dad. You're doing a lot more than that too, you're involved go back to this cause we were talking about Montclair you may not realize this in the tri-state area but the most talented incredibly humble people come from Montclair we're neighbors . That's right. No in all seriousness, Montclair is a place where there's an awful lot of artists and journalists and folks--Yeah. Who are involved in all kinds of things but you got involved with a film festival in town . Mm hm. With a friend bob Feinberg who is part of the team here at Public television. Mm hm. How did that all happen? Probably Luke Parker Bowles. Maybe I believe who was one of the original founders and yeah I think when you, anything we can do to promote the arts, whether it's with dance, theatre, acting whatever we can-- Just go through the rolodex. It was a natural fit. Famous people semi-famous people living here. Yeah. But you jumped in? It was a natural fit. You jumped in-- Absolutely. So we try to be as active as we can and we've done a bunch of benefits and every year I sing for their for for a benefit concert that we do and February so. Yeah. I try to help out throughout the year. And you grew up in? Mostly in Florida..."