Psychic Medium John Edward Brings Closure to Loved Ones

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Psychic Medium, John Edward, to talk about when he realized he had the special talent to connect people with their loved ones who have “crossed over” and how this talent has brought him to where he is today.

4/24/18 #2128






"Welcome to the Tisch WNET Studio here in Lincoln Center, heart of New York City. It is our pleasure to welcome someone who is recognizable to just about everybody watching right now. He is John Edward, Psychic Medium, the pride of Long Island. What part of the island? Now Huntington. You know, we were just talking about this before we got on the air, and by the way, you'll see how to find John now. We were talking about his online world, his digital world, compared to the world that you were in. When you broke into television nationally...? Mm hmm. You said you were about 30? Yep. Who found you? And why? What did they see in you? I actually was doing a book, and I loved radio. And the reason why I loved radio was because it was live, and people couldn't accuse me of being edited. Because it was live. So radio was my go-to for all sorts of media, and plus it gave me anonymity. So people knew my name, they knew my voice, but I could walk around and nobody would stop me So when I had my book come out, I said I was gonna promote it on radio, and the publisher said, "No, you have to go on television." And I'm an admitted control freak, and I was like, "I don't do TV. I do radio." And they said, "Well that's great. Radio's not gonna sell your book. TV's gonna sell that book. And if you're not going on TV, we're not gonna publish it." So because I wanted to make sure that the producers of the TV shows were going to treat the subject matter with respect, I personally would call the shows, and talk to the producers to see which ones would be friendly to the subject matter and treat it with... I didn't care if they were skeptical, but at least be respectful, and not do like, you know, "gotcha" journalism, or try to... Right. ...put something together in a negative way. And I met two producers, and they said to me, "Would you let us put a TV show together for you?" And I said, "No, I'm not really shooting the show." They go, "We think you could be a show." And I said, "I think I could be a national call-in radio show. If you want to do that, we could do that." And they said, "Give me six months." And six months later, we were filming the pilot for Crossing Over. Crossing Over, it was such a phenomenon. When did you realize you had a gift? I was told at the..."