Raising Awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences

As part of our Right From the Start NJ programming, Steve Adubato goes on-location to the "Overcoming Childhood Adversity and Trauma: A Healthier Future for NJ Kids" event to talk to Arturo Brito, Executive Director, The Nicholson Foundation, about the partnership with the Turrell Fund and The Burke Foundation and how together their goal is to raise awareness of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

12/12/18 #2184






"I'm Steve Adubato. I want introduce you to our longtime friend, Dr. Arturo Brito, who is Executive Director of the Nicholson Foundation. Arturo, we are here at Morven for an important event, an important night, historic, when it comes to dealing with ACEs - adverse childhood experiences. Talk about it. Well, it is a historic night. We see this as a launch, of a new beginning for the state. As we were talking earlier, we have some very important people here, great people here, that are gonna come together and address ACEs, or adverse childhood experiences, in the state of New Jersey. The truth is that in New Jersey, we need to do a better job of collecting information about ACEs, but we know that at least one in four, and probably a little bit more than that, have experienced at least one ACE in their lifetime, and a number of those have experienced more than one ACE. And what that means is that their lifelong health, both physical and mental health, is impacted. And until we address them, first by preventing the problems, then by protecting people and providing buffering systems and support systems for them when they do experience these adverse experiences, we're not going to make a lot of headway with what we're trying to do with our healthcare systems. So this is why the Nicholson Foundation, the Burke Foundation, and the Turrell Fund, have come together to invest in this, and while we're asking others to come along with us for this ride, for this journey, that we really believe this is the launch of something big and something new that's gonna make New Jersey... put us at the top of the country in how we address healthcare, how we address people's well-being, and it really does start with addressing these experiences. What Doctor Brito is not saying is that the Nicholson Foundation, together with Turrell, has allowed us at the Caucus Educational Corporation and our partners in public broadcasting to do a series called Right From the Start NJ. As we're speaking right now, you'll see the website on your screen. Now Doctor Brito is also a pediatrician, and understands this, not just because he's the head of a major foundation, but because you understand this clinically, you care deeply about children, and you see the impact? Right. And it starts with understanding the science. You know, if you really look at it as a clinician and as a scientist, it really is fascinating. And we're..."