RHONJ's Siggy Flicker Offers Empowering Relationship Advice

Siggy Flicker, Relationship Expert and Author of "Write Your Own Fairytale," gives honest and empowering advice on how to be the best you in a relationship. Siggy also talks about her experience as a cast member on the hit BravoTV show "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and whether she’ll be back for another season.

12/12/16 #1930






"She's a very recognizable, talented, and beautiful face you're looking at right now. Siggy Flicker, who is a relationship expert and author of Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules of Dating and Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Own Terms. Also a cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Siggy, how you doing? I'm doing great. I can't complain, I'm healthy, I'm happy. Where did you get this positive attitude? You know what? I think it's because I was born in Israel. And I think that Israeli people are different in nature, because, you know, when you grow up in a small country, that's smaller than the size of New Jersey, and when you finish school there, there's always that constant fear that bomb might be blowing up behind you, and always looking over your shoulder, and you're really grateful for the little things that you have in health... little things that you have in life. And... Like health? Like health, like happy. And your kids? Like children, and you know, everybody in Israel knows somebody who's died. It's just a way of life there. Hmm. You're always c... and I think that, you know, I grew up in America, I've been here since the age of five, but I just always had that attitude of "wow, things can be so much worse" and I had a sad childhood. I didn't have the best childhood. But I was always thinking it could have been bet... it could have been worse. Hmm. You have your parents, you have your brother and sister, you know, there were times when I, you know, was alone. And I feared things, but when you're not so close to it, and you look at it from up above, I know so many other people who are suffering far worse, so for me to complain, it wasn't gonna happen. And in your book? It's fascinating. Yes. You talk about some of the keys to really having a healthier, better life? Yes. It's not just about love between a man and a woman, a woman and a... and a woman or a man and a man. It's about really living your life to the fullest. And I remember being at Cherry Hill West, and people used to say, you know, I was in ninth grade, and I was always a big girl, a chubby girl with a big mouth. Well like a Bette Midler personality. You? Always. Like always big big hair, big big lip... you know, everything about me big boo... everything was big..."