Russ Berrie Awards - Together We Make Change Part 2

Steve Adubato talks with past Russ Berrie "Making a Difference" Award honorees who have been using their awards to make long-lasting connections with other organizations and stakeholders throughout their communities. Guests Include: Angelica Berrie, President, The Russell Berrie Foundation; Adam Lowy, Founder & Executive Director, Move for Hunger; Jennifer Papa, Founder and Executive Director, City Green; Dora Arias, Founder & Executive Director, Curémonos.

8/5/17 #3016






"Welcome to Caucus. I'm Steve Adubato. Over the last 20 years, the Russell Berrie Foundation has recognized unsung heroes throughout New Jersey who are making a big difference in their communities. Here today in the studio to discuss the different ways that we can all make a difference, we are joined by Angelica Berrie, the President of the Russell Berrie Foundation, Adam Lowy, President... excuse me, the Founder and Executive Director of Move For Hunger, Jennifer Papa, Founder and Executive Director of City Green, and finally Dora Arias, who is Founder and Executive Director of an organization, in English it is called Healing Together, but it is, in Spanish? Curémonos. Curémonos? "Cu-ré-mo-nos". That's why I had you do that! [laughter] With the accent on the "é". Thank you so much. Thank you all for joining us. This is a two part series Together We Make Change. Angelica, once again, provide context for those who may not have seen part one of the Berrie Awards intended, over 21 years ago when it started, I've been honored to host the Berrie Awards every year. We just did it actually recently, some wonderful people were recognized, people were recognized for...? Making a difference in their communities, making a difference in the lives of others, and making a difference with one heroic act. Everyday heroes. Everyday heroes. People are nominated by people who know them, people who respect them. Community organizations, the media, faith groups... All sorts? Yeah. Right. And by the way, the people... I said this to Angelica when we were doing the event, we were... I actually remember how it started. I'm on the stage, and I'm reading one of the descriptions of one of the people who are being honored and I turn to look at Angelica, and she has her head down like this, and I can't read anymore, because I can't keep it together. And we looked at each other and we said no matter how many people, extraordinary people, we recognized, we are stunned by the level of commitment, passion, empathy, and caring, and who you are. Are you...? When you...? By the way, what year did you...? Win the award? Yes. I think it was 2013. And tell everyone the name of your organization again? It's City Green. City Green, which does? It's urban agriculture, so we're creating access to healthy food and beautiful green spaces. Before you get into describing it, the year you won, the year you were there, the year you were hearing about all the other people who..."