RWJF Establishes a Culture of Health in New Jersey

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Marjorie Paloma, Senior Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to talk about how the organization is helping New Jersey establish a “Culture of Health.”

5/7/18 #2139







"We're pleased to welcome Marjorie Paloma, who is Senior Director, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a really special organization based in Princeton, New Jersey right? That's right. And by the way, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is a significant supporter of public broadcasting, more specifically, the Caucus Educational Corporation, a lot of our health-related programming, this is an initiative that we know about that I want you to share with others, it's called the Culture of Health, what is it? And why does it matter... That's... everyone watching right now? That's right, so a Culture of Health, our work at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is really to look at and ensure that every person, no matter where they live, what they look like, how much money that they make, that they have the best opportunity to live a satisfying and a healthy life that is a Culture of Health. Not easy? No. Because? No, it's not easy because it takes not just those in health, but people in education, and transportation, housing, business, it takes a nation to be able to get there, and if you think about the word "culture" - at its very basic meaning, it is about what shapes your life. It's the kinds of things that you do in your life. And so when you think about health being, not just in the doctor's office, but outside... That's right. ...of the doctor's office, there are many many players. Let's break that down. By the way, the cities that... I shouldn't say the cities, the communities, that a Culture of Health is so prominent in includes? Say what they are. Sure, so our vision is actually across the entire nation, but because we were founded in New Jersey, we have a very special relationship with our home state of New Jersey. So we actually... we promote a Culture of Health across the entire state. Right. We have a whole set of coalitions that are funded through our sister organization, the New Jersey Health Initiatives, there are 20 coalitions right now that are focused on building a Culture of Health. We also work with an organization called Y State Alliance through the New Jersey Healthy Partnership. They initially were focused on five communities, so Newark, Vineland, Camden... Right. ...Trenton, and... New brunswick? ...New Brunswick. That's right. Right. But that has since grown, and that tells you a little bit about a Culture of Health. It's how it started? I remember... right. That's right. So from five communities to now over 60 communities, with over 200 policy and environmental changes that have happened. Take a step back. Sure. You were talking about beyond clinical care, if you will, are we talking about the kind of food, healthy food..."