SiriusXM's Jill Kargman Talks Motherhood and Female Comics

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with actor/writer and SiriusXM host, Jill Kargman, who shares her views on motherhood and parenting in NYC. Kargman also talks about female comedians in Hollywood today and why she believes this is a “golden age” for women in the industry.

1/16/18 #2102






"We are pleased to welcome, for the first time here on One on One and public broadcasting, Jill Kargman, it says writer, actor, how many books? Ten. Ten, about... what kinds of things do you write about? Well I started writing trashy novels, and now I really just write for TV. And I have two essay collections, my last one was called Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave, it came out last Fall. It's an essay collection about my family growing up in New York, and my family's pretty morbid, my parents toured cemeteries the way that normal people tour colleges. Stop, stop. Where did you grow up in New York? On the Upper East Side, 66th and Madison. Really? My father was like the original Mad Men on Madison Avenue, but like... So the original Don Draper? Yeah, Don Draper. But like the Jewey firms. Like there was the WASPy ones and then they had like the Jewey Jewstein firms. He was at Doyle Dane Bernbach. Wow. Yeah. Okay so, I was gonna talk about the Munsters. We'll talk about in a second. Sure. But you've had another long running gig? Yes, Odd Mom Out. Odd Mom Out? Go ahead. Bravo? It's been so much fun. Yes it was... we were their first scripted comedy, and it was based on two of my books Momzillas, about Upper East Side stay-at-home moms, and then Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut, which was my first essay collection, and it's just really capturing that world of mothers who are that Type A competitive persona, who is always very ambitious, and then all of that ambition doesn't just evaporate. It's like Newtonian law of energy, and it just gets rechannelled into the fetus. So people are very competitive about their children. Jill I'm falling off a little bit, because we're over here, close to the west side, right? Mm hmm. You're talking... is there that much of a difference? No, I think the yardstick changes from neighborhood to neighborhood or state to state. I think, you know in Texas it's cheerleading. What about Jersey moms where I'm from? I think it's soccer. Leave it alone. No, I think soccer is a big deal. Have you seen the Real Housewives of New Jersey? That's not about soccer. I don't watch reality. You...? Oh what's about your boob height? I wasn't going there but... Okay. Okay. Well when I watch those reality shows, I just see implants and yelling, so... It doesn't...? That's not reality for you? No I... you know I like escapism, I like Game of Thrones and fantasy or drama. I don't... I can't watch..."