The Impact of an Increased Older Population

As Baby Boomers enter the later stages in life, our nation will be facing the “Age Wave” – the dramatic increase of our oldest population. This panel will focus on the impact of the “age wave” on NJ and the nation including: coordinating and regionalization of services; the importance of creating/financing a long-term care plan; and the need for workforce training to support the boom of geriatric care.

Guests Include:
Phillip Scalo, Esq. President and CEO, Bartley Healthcare Nursing and Rehabilitation
Anne M. Prisco, Ph.D. President, Felician University
Kenneth W. Faistl, MD, FAAP, Family Practice Physician, Hackensack Meridian Health Medical Group
Pamela Madas Snyder, Esq, Elder Care Attorney, Bolan Jahnsen Dacey, Esqs.

10/27/18 #3112






"Welcome to Caucus. I’m Steve Adubato. You know, over the next ten years, New Jersey, and the entire nation, will be experiencing something called the Age Wave, a dramatic increase in the oldest population. Here to discuss what actually needs to be done to prepare for this most significant change, we're joined by Phil Scalo once again, who is, in fact, the President and CEO of Bartley Healthcare, Doctor Anne Prisco, President of a university we know very well, Felician University, Pamela Madas Snyder is an Elder Care Attorney, and Doctor Kenneth Faistl is a Family Practice Physician. I want to thank all of you for joining us. Anne, we've had this conversation on the air, offline, for years. you and your colleagues at the university, very involved in these issues. what exactly is the age wave? and how seriously are we dealing with it in society? A loaded question, I know. Yeah, and several parts to this right? We know as... and there's a demographic trend in where 10,000 people a day are turning 65. Hmm. So this is the... 10,000 a day? 10,000 a day. So this is sort of the older half, if you will, of the boom generation. And I'm sort of in the second half of that. So I'm watching all my, all of the brethren... Yeah we're all very curious, right? Exactly. ...face this, in addition to many of us have dealt with these issues through our own parents. So when I arrived at Felician six years ago, and... it was so obvious to me that healthcare was one of our fortes, always, something very much as a Felician Franciscan institution, we cared about, and the life cycle. And so, how could we address the gaps that we were facing in this notion of healthy living and healthy aging? Sure. So I, along with some partners at the institution, talked about starting an Institute for Gerontology. We're very fortunate to have people like Phil Scalo... Phil's been very supportive with his organization? ...step up, right, as is Doctor Ken Faistl, who's also on our board, and I'm happy to meet our elder care attorney, and this... It does take a village? Doesn't it? And this is what is the most fascinating, is when..."