The Impact of Drumthwacket on NJ and the Nation

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Rick Thigpen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, PSEG Services Corporation at Drumthwacket, the official residence of the New Jersey Governor, to speak about the significant history of the property and its impact on New Jersey and the nation.  Thigpen also addresses Presidential leadership.  

3/16/2020 #2287






"We're at Drumthwacket this is the governor's official residence in New Jersey in Princeton it's the people's home if you will and we're doing a series on presidential Leadership for viewers of our program you know that I'm fascinated a student of try to teach a little bit but always looking to learn more about presidential leadership and we're pleased to be joined by our good friend Rick Thigpen over at PSEG who knows a lot about presidential leadership and energy policy but why do you know about presidential leadership? Well I love it I'm a history lover and I study it and it's really valuable things you know energy policy is public policy learning about presidents is a very important way to learn about the importance of public Policy and how public policy gets made so I find it fascinating. Okay--And relevant to my work Wilson Woodrow governor Woodrow Wilson governor was he President of Princeton University. Right down the road--Before that. Yes, Sir. What kind of president was he and what were the years again 19--he was the winner of the 1912 and the 1916 presidential elections. Did he serve out both terms? He served out both terms although he had a stroke in office apparently in his second term and he was for some significant period of time debilitated but he did serve both terms fully Wilson and the United Nations Wilson and the League of Nations The League-- the precursor. So there's several parts of governor Wilson you know he was a Virginian so for me as an African-American his views on race were something far less than satisfactory he segregated the federal bureaucracy and he was someone who was very intolerant of the future of making people get along and treat people equally but he was the winner of the 1912 presidential election and he was able to win because former President Theodore Roosevelt decided to come back and challenge the incumbent Republican president William Howard Taft a split in the Republican Party opened the door for Woodrow Wilson to win Woodrow Wilson in two presidential elections never got more than 42 percent of the vote in New Jersey the state that he won in the 1910 gubernatorial election-- Why? It's a very good question. You know he was a reformer in New Jersey the boss has put him in power and then he turned on them and one of the many things he did as a reformer was create our Board of Public Utilities that regulates energy companies the BPU? So-- that was Wilson governor Wilson is the guy who made it happen and he was a strong opponent of our founder Thomas McCarter who didn't want to see that..."