The Importance of Corporate Partnerships to Revive Newark

As part of the "The Future of Urban Education" series, Sarah Keh, Director of Corporate Giving at The Prudential Foundation, discusses the importance of corporate partnerships, Prudential’s commitment to the Newark community, and her thoughts on Newark Public Schools getting back to local control.

3/3/18 #3104






"We're pleased to be joined by Sarah Keh, Director of Corporate Giving at Prudential Financial. Good to see you. Thank you for having me. You know, there are a group of people, I believe we have nine experts, nine people committed to urban education all across this state, this nation. Prudential Financial committed to urban education, particularly in Newark, because? Well Prudential's headquarters is here in Newark, New Jersey. We were founded over 140 years ago to really ensure that everybody has the opportunity to achieve financial security, and that opportunity begins with making sure that people have the right skill sets, and that they're connected to quality jobs. And that begins with having a high quality education. And so for us, we strongly believe that a high quality education system is really important for a thriving city, of which we believe that Newark will become. It's also very important that it helps create pathways for economic mobility for underserved populations. For example? For example, a high quality education can set them on the right pathway to get into a really good college or a really good career, whichever they choose to do, if they have the right fundamental, basic skill sets that they learned in a K through 12 education. And it's inextricably tied to making sure that this nation has a skilled workforce. So at the core of it, we are a business, and we want to make sure that we have the future workforce... That's right. in our headquarter city of Newark, but also for these young residents to be able to go out wherever they want to go to in whatever location. Sarah, let me ask you something. Mm hmm. What do you think some of the most significant challenges that urban students face really are? There are so many different challenges, like you mentioned, in terms of what urban students face. Here in Newark, you know, people live in different neighborhoods where their income level is very different, in addition to the types of resources and support. So even though it's so important that within the school building that there's good teachers, good principals, good curriculum, good community resources like arts education and sports, but at the same time, so much of what impacts a student is also outside of the school building. Such as? So what's happening at home? If they have food on their table? If they have safe passageways to the school building? Do they have a good support network? Whether it be their friends, or their teachers, or peers? And so there are so many different types of challenges that urban communities face, because..."