The Importance of LGBTQ Inclusivity and Sensitivity in NJ

Steve Adubato talks with Christian Fuscarino, Executive Director, Garden State Equality about LGBTQ history in NJ curriculum and the importance of LGBTQ inclusivity and sensitivity needed from healthcare providers.

5/18/19 #310






"We welcome back Christian Fuscarino, who is Executive Director of Garden State Equality, which is? New Jersey's largest LGBTQ organization. Christian, you've been with us many times, and I appreciate that. Listen, historic times in New Jersey. Let's talk about the curriculum changes about LGBTQ history in New Jersey. What is happening and when is it happening? So all New Jersey students will now learn about LGBTQ history in school. We're the second state in the nation to pass such a law. But we're the first state in the nation that will teach LGBTQ history in all subject matters, from English to social studies. And this is important because LGBTQ youth should see themselves represented in history. There's this, you know, terrible story of having LGBTQ people be silent throughout their lives and hiding their identity. And it's time that we can let young people know that they exist and they made contributions to our society. Two quick points. One, Len Deo, you know who he is, founder and president of New Jersey Family Policy Council said, "You know what? That a person made a contribution to society? Good for them. Do we have to extol their sexual orientation, or what they did? They didn't accomplish something because of their sexual orientation." You say? Well Steve, you made Len sound articulate. Unfortunately, for people that oppose this bill, they don't understand... By the way, now we're going to have to get Len on here to be articulate for himself. So go ahead. For people that oppose this law, they just don't understand that when we're talking about historical icons, we often talk about their partners. So we are saying that people in our history are straight. By mentioning that George Washington had a wife named Martha, okay that means that George Washington was straight. We need to make sure that historical figures that happen to have a same sex partner... we have to make sure that's included in history. And that's what counts. Yesterday there was an announcement... there is a gentleman running for president... the mayor of... help me on this... South Bend Indiana. South Bend Indiana. Population 100,000. First candidate, if I'm not mistaken, in a legitimate campaign for the Democratic nomination, to say "My partner, my male partner, my husband and I are very close. And he's helped me through a lot of things." And Mike Pence said, you know, "God wouldn't be happy with you." And the mayor turned back and said, "Really? Don't blame me. Blame my creator." You say? Well, we love Pete Buttigieg, and... That's who it is? And then we're supporting him, or I'm supporting him for president, because not only is he LGBTQ, but he has a lot of..."