The Importance of Spotlighting Unsung Heroes in NJ

Steve Adubato goes on-location to the Russell Berrie Awards to speak with Elaine Adler, Founder of the Adler Aphasia Center, who explains the the importance of highlighting the unsung heroes throughout the Garden State.

9/26/17 #2078






"We just met some amazing awardees at the Russ Berrie Making a Difference Awards. And I think one of the peop... I'm pretty sure it was Elaine Adler right here, who connected me to this event, and Russ and Angelica, a long time ago. The Adler Aphasia Center. You've been a part of this event as far back as I can remember. What's your reaction...? From the beginning, what's your reaction to today and these extraordinary honorees Elaine? I am so proud of my friends. Russ was a Renaissance man. Always thinking way beyond, and wanting to help wherever he could. And he is married to the most wonderful woman who is equally as great and giving, and having a full heart, Angelica. So to me, to come to this session every year makes me feel so proud of my friend, and I'm proud of the MC as well. Yes. You really tie it together. And I'm... It makes us feel good every year, doesn't it Elaine? It does. I love it. I wait for this. Yes. And the peo... I love to hear the stories. They're so great. I mean people who go beyond themselves. It's not "me me me." It's "let me see what I can do for you." And I appreciate that. And that is, in fact, what the Adler Aphasia Center has been all about for many many years. And Elaine, I just want to thank your team and you keep doing it, you and your team there every year. And thank you Elaine. As always, appreciate it. Thank you Steve, my dear friend."