The Trump Administration's Impact on Our Country's History

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Christina Greer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Political Science, Fordham University, to discuss the Democratic Presidential candidates, the 2020 election and the impact of the Trump administration on our country’s history.

12/16/2019 #2269






"She's back by popular demand. [laughter] Everybody wants to talk to her. This is Doctor Christina Greer, Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University. How you doing? I have no complaints. It's so great to see you. We're doing this show at the end of 2019. It will be seen in 2020. Put things in perspective. The impeachment process will play out. We'll see what happens. How fractured...? I was gonna start with it right away. How fractured are we as a country? We're in desperate times. We probably haven't been this polarized... Ever? Maybe not since the mid 1800s. But there was the Civil War. But, you know... But, you know, because facts have been called into question, because reality has been called into question, because people are sticking to their ideals and not necessarily communicating in ways that we have in the past, we're definitely fractured. And I don't see an easy road out of this situation. Let me get even more focused here. As we do this program, literally, Senator Kamala Harris has dropped out of the race. We're not a news program. You could catch our public television news programs to find that out. We don't know what this Democratic field is gonna look like. We do know that President Trump intends to run again. We'll see what happens in the House and in the Senate. We can predict. How difficult is it gonna be for the Democrats to win the presidency if, in fact, the president survives this process? Right. There are a few... With that field? Right. There are a few things the Democrats need to figure out. There's... there are multiple factions in each party but the two main factions in the Democratic Party are those who feel like we should just right the ship. Trump has wronged the ship, and we just need to, you know, gain control and set sail in the right direction. There's another faction of the Democrats who believe the entire ship is corrupt, and we need to burn that down, rebuild a brand new ship, and then set sail. Those are two fundamentally different ways of thinking about politics. We also have to remember... I mean, our intelligence agencies have told us time and time again that we have had foreign interference, and that it most likely will happen again. And so we have to also recognize that besides the institutional barriers that people face on a local and state level to actually vote and participate, this is... we're in a moment that George Washington warned us about in 1796, in his farewell address, where he said, you know, two things that we can't have if we want our democracy to thrive and survive, is we can't have an executive that ever, sort of deals..."