U.S. Senate Special: Senator Bob Menendez and Bob Hugin

For this special edition of One-on-One, Steve Adubato sits down with the candidates for United States Senate, Bob Hugin (R) – NJ and the Democratic incumbent, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D) – NJ. Each conversation covers many topics including: ethics, priorities for NJ, immigration; healthcare & the impact of the Trump administration.

10/12/18 #2172






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. This is a very important United States Senate Special. We are now joined by Republican candidate for the United States Senate, Bob Hugin and... welcome. Great to be with you, Steve. Thanks for having me. Good to have you. In the second half of this program, we'll be joined by the Senior United States Senator in the great state of New Jersey,Robert Menendez. By the way, you were just telling me before we got on the air... this wasn't your plan to run for the US Senate. What changed? No, I've had a great life. You know. I was born in Hudson County, grew up in Hudson County, raised my family with my wife in Union City... sorry, Union County. But frankly, we were just morally offended that he was going to be reelected virtually unopposed. Senator Menendez? Senator Menendez. Virtually unopposed after all the things he's done... violated federal law, abusing the power of his office, and frankly, failing the people of New Jersey. Ineffective. 25 years in Washington, 16 years with a Democratic president, and New Jersey's dead last. We get the least back from Washington of any state in the country. The people of New Jersey deserve better. So, it's interesting... by the way, Senator Menendez will be here to respond... he will not see this interview. But the fact is there was a... that trial that the federal government brought... it did not succeed in finding him guilty. The federal government opted not did not to pursue it. The United States Senate, quote, "seriously admonished" the Senator, but... And said he was guilty of violating federal... he violated federal law. In... in the letter. Not the courts? No the... The US Senate? Yes. Bipartisan. Okay. Let me ask you this. Since you mentioned character in office... characters in office... Donald Trump? Yeah. How much money did you contribute to Donald Trump when he was running in 2016? And if you contributed that much, what did you see in him as a leader that caused you to say, "Yeah he's the right person..."? I... "...to lead our nation"? I did contribute to the Republican party… primarily was my contribution. What I saw in 2016... But you gave to him as well? I... yes, but a majority of my contribution of the Republican party to support the general election. What I saw in Washington in 2016 was we were stagnating. And it was not good. It needed disruption. Well unfortunately, we now have dysfunction. And the reason I'm running is because we can do better. We've got to elect good people who would lead with..."