Suze Orman

“Steve Adubato is a pro! My hat goes off to Steve because there are only a few great interviewers around. When you’re dealing with someone who cares about what they’re doing, it’s always a great experience.”

- Suze Orman, Personal Financial Guru and Host,

“The Suze Orman Show” CNBC


Phil Murphy

"I enjoyed being on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato. Steve and I talked about substantial issues both in New Jersey and in America. State of Affairs is a great program and I was honored to be on the series premiere.”

- Phil Murphy, Governor


Steve Sweeney

“State of Affairs with Steve Adubato is an important series in our state. Programs on public television like State of Affairs give people a sense of what’s truly going on and what matters.”

- Steve Sweeney, NJ Senate President


Jon Bramnick

“State of Affairs with Steve Adubato, and all the programming from the CEC is first rate. This programming is critical to informing the citizens of NJ and the broader NY/ NJ region on the issues that matter and their impact on residents. CEC provides a tremendous public service.”

- Jon Bramnick, NJ Assembly Minority Leader


Joy Ann Reid

"Steve does a great job of being provocative and asking questions that you didn't know were coming, while being fair and giving people ample opportunity of being heard. I think it is so important that public television continues to play that role and Steve does a great job."

- Joy Ann Reid, Host, AM Joy


Chris Cuomo

“Adubato is the personification of the consummate pro. He also has a special brand of curiosity that is that magic mix of knowing what he doesn’t know. As a result, he asks questions that get a little bit more out of you than most would. (And he is not bad to look at.)”

- Chris Cuomo, Anchor, CNN's New Day


James Murray

"Fantastic! I’ll tell you why I love Steve. He might be, arguably, the handsomest, smartest, most intelligent, attractive, accomplished broadcaster in all of television and that’s why I keep coming back to do this show.”

- James Murray, Co-Star, truTV Impractical Jokers

Ethan Slater

"Public television is incredibly important because of programs like One-on-One. It's an opportunity for people around the country, on their local stations, to watch interviews with people who are at the top of their field or innovators in the world. It is a form of education that is incredibly important. I'm thankful for Steve for conducting these interviews."

- Ethan Slater, SpongeBob SquarePants,

The Broadway Musical Palace Theater



Dan Mannarino

"Steve is engaging, he's fun, he's energized and it is an incredibly comfortable setting. No matter what he is talking about, everyone deserves to have access, through public television, to hear these kinds of issues. That's why shows like One-on-One should be heard, seen and viewed all the time."

- Dan Mannarino, Anchor, PIX11 Morning News

Gary Vaynerchuk

"I can easily say that that is one of the best five or six interviews that I have done.I'm in a place right now where I'm being interviewed almost every day - podcasts, websites, TV - and it's very obvious to me when someone is strong at their craft. I usually take the lead as a powerful guest, but I was led in that interview with Steve and I enjoyed it quite a bit."

- Gary Vanerchuk, Author, Entrepreneur & Founder of VaynerMedia & VaynerRSE


Chris Giamo

Programs like One-on-One represent the local communities and it informs residents of what's going on and what's important in their backyard."

- Chris Giamo, EVP, Head of Commercial Bank, TD Bank

Michellene Davis

"Having a discussion around the topic of 'Building Trust' for community and police relations is so incredibly important because it has become the issue of our time. If in fact we do not have the opportunity to have candid discussions in a safe space with individuals who have the ability to affect change because of their roles in and across the sectors of society, then we will never move forward."

- Michellene Davis, Executive Vice President and

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at RWJBarnabas


James Lipton

"It was great. Steve is a very good interviewer. He does what every great interviewer has to do and that is be a superb listener. As a result we just had a conversation, not an interview."

- James Lipton, Emmy Award-Winning Creator, Writer and Host,

"Inside the Actors Studio"


Marlo Thomas

“I just loved being on Steve’s show. He is so intelligent and so smooth and you just know that he’s interested and curious and has done his research. Sometimes while I’m answering one question, an interviewer is looking down at their paper preparing their second question. Steve isn’t doing that – he is having a conversation with you and that’s a wonderful feeling. As the wife of a great interviewer I am impressed.”

- Marlo Thomas, Actress, Author, Activist


 Erin Burnett

“It’s pretty incredible what Steve can do – be so casual and so gracious and go through so many interviews and be interested in all those people at once! It meant a lot to me as a broadcaster to be here today.”

- Erin Burnett, Host, “Erin Burnett OutFront” on CNN

Mary Alice Williams

"New Jersey is a unique state, we have our own unique stories and experiences and being able to share them on something like this is helpful to everyone."

- Mary Alice Williams, Anchor, NJTV News

Daymond John

"My experience on the show was amazing. Steve had all the right questions off the top of his head, some things that I've never been asked and that's pretty hard. He went right to all the valuable points that I wanted to share with people. I really loved it. Absolutely amazing."

- Daymond John, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author


Janice Huff

"I had a great time today on One-on-One. Steve is fantastic. He's smart, he's very personable, and its very conversational. It's a lot of fun."

- Janice Huff, NBC 4 NY Chief Meteorologist


Karen Hunter

“Being on State of Affairs was fantastic. Steve Adubato is a very, very good interviewer, very warm. We knew each other before, so this was kind of like a class reunion. It was great.”

- Karen Hunter, Radio Talk Show Host,

Sirius XM's The Karen Hunter Show

Brenda Blackmon

"Steve brought things out of me that I didn’t think I was going to be able to say and talk about. He is so good at that! He gets people to talk about themselves and gets to issues that are important to everybody. Steve gets to the essence of each individual and makes it interesting.”

- Brenda Blackmon, Former PIX 11 News Anchor


Willie Geist

“Steve does a great job. He’s well read, he’s well researched, he knows who he’s talking to and I love a show where you can sit and talk for that long.”

- Willie Geist, Co-host, NBC’s “TODAY”

Joe Roth

"Put simply, programs produced with Caucus Educational Corporation inspire more people to make the noble decision to register as organ and tissue donors. Steve Adubato and the entire staff have become valuable partners in furthering our mission to save and enhance lives."

- Joe Roth, President & CEO, NJ Sharing Network

Dari Alexander

“It was great talking to Steve on One-on-One! He’s an amazing interviewer and so much fun. I hope I get to come back some time!”

- Dari Alexander, FOX 5 News Anchor and Author

Angelica Berrie

“I think Steve shares the wisdom of what he has learned about leadership on his show, which actually teaches me and everybody else that leadership is not a solo adventure. We are all in this together.”

- Angelica Berrie, President, The Russell Berrie Foundation

Celest Quintana

"My interview on One-on-One was magnificent, I could sit and talk with him for hours. He is real and he is takes what is relevant in our communities and brings it to a larger audience."

- Celest Quintana, Owner/Operator, McDonald's



Dr. Ali Houshmand, Ph.D.

"Programs like Caucus: New Jersey connect you to various audiences and constituencies, such as local and state governments, business leaders, and faculty and students. As a result, the message you want to communicate can be shared to different people through this one program."

- Dr. Ali Houshmand, Ph.D., President, Rowan University

Michele Siekerka, Esq.

“It’s really important that you have a venue like Cacusu: New Jersey for people to air concerns, to try to brainstorm some strategies and come up with some solutions. The diversity of opinion is so important. Caucus provides an opportunity for people to come together from all walks of life to share commonality and, at the same time, to talk about things that are important to them and move New Jersey forward.”

- Michele Siekerka, Esq., President & CEO, New Jersey Business and Industry Association

Dr. Laura Balsamini

"The interview on One-on-One went wonderfully today. Steve hit on a lot of great points on the opioid crisis in the state of NJ that we are experiencing right now. It’s important because this is a crisis that’s impacting everyone in NJ in everyone’s back yard. Opioid addiction knows no prejudice."

- Dr. Laura Balsamini, Pharm D., BCPS, Director of Pharmacy Services, Summit Medical Group