Deborah Cox Challenges Herself to Fill Whitney Houston's Shoes

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Grammy Award-Nominated Recording Artist and Actress, Deborah Cox, about her current role in the musical "The Bodyguard" and how she is trying to fill the shoes of the late, great Whitney Houston.

1/25/17 #2009






"We are honored to be joined by Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum R&B pop recording artist... [laughter] ...and actress, I mean, you are the best ever, Cox. Thank you. Thank you for joining us. By the way, as we talk about this right now, you are in The Bodyguard? Yes. The Bodyguard musical. National tour over at... Yes. ...Paper Mill Playhouse, over in Jersey, Millburn? Yeah. Talk about it. Yeah. It's a wonderful... it's a big big show. We just had our opening night, and it's just been an amazing experience. For me as a recording artist, and actress, singer, I get a chance to do everything in the show. There's... it's an emotional rollercoaster, I have... Why? amazing cast, that is there to support as well. Well, I think because the role is such a heavy role. You know, the story is of a superstar who is being stalked. Whitney Houston and...? And with all the music of Whitney Houston, and... Kevin Costner? ...Kevin Costner. Yes. Who was... What was the year? Was it 1992...? Early 90's. Yeah. '92. '92? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. When I think of that film, I think of myself coming into this industry for the very first time, stepping my foot into it, and going, "Maybe I can do this." You know, and later being signed to Arista Records by Clive Davis, being a label mate with Whitney Houston, I feel like this has come full circle for me. And so every night, I'm up there, you know, just celebrating her in my own way, and paying homage to her. Because had it not been for her, and her music, and her legacy, I wouldn't be here as a musician, because... You feel that way? I do. Absolutely. Why? We... well we became good friends while at Arista, doing a lot of award shows and stuff together. Ultimately, we got the opportunity to work together in the studio and record a duet called Same Script, Different Cast. And I remember our little conversations in the studio. You know, she was like, you know, "Make sure you have balance in your life. You have a wonderful partner." I'm married now. I have an amazing husband, three children, and those were the things that I remember her emphasizing, was making sure that that was intact, and you know, the business is fun, and all of this other stuff is good. But it's also good to have that foundation. And so I always remembered that, and that stayed with me. And so throughout my career, I've made that a priority. And so it's brought me here to this place where I have a balance, career and family, and doing what I love to do..."