Delta Dental Fdtn Scholarships For Those Who Help The Underserved

Steve Adubato talks with Dennis Wilson, President & CEO of Delta Dental of NJ, about the Delta Dental’s Foundation and the grants and scholarships it provides for students who are showing commitment to providing dental care to underserved populations.

10/25/16 #1913






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. This is One On One. We're pleased to welcome, once again, Dennis G. Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer; Delta Dental of New Jersey. Good to see you Dennis. Good to see you. Great to be here. So much going on in the area of oral health. We've been talking about this subject for the last year or so, trying to educate folks. By the way, when it comes to oral health, why is this such an important topic for New Jerseyans and others to know more about? Well, I think oral health has been sort of underestimated over time. And it's become just clear and apparent that oral health and systemic medical health are married. Really. They're one and the same. The body includes the mouth and the oral cavity, so it's just part of us. It's connected to so many other things. Disease states, anomalies, that sort of thing. Let's talk about the future of health care leadership. You've told our producers that it is critical that the future of healthcare leadership be understood by everybody. Yes. What does that really mean? Well, the future of healthcare, when I talk about the future, I talk about transformation. Mmm. And that's transformation of a historically, maybe disparate system where there are just pieces and parts. Some knitted together, some not. The future is about real consolidation. Clinically, healthcare organizations are getting larger, more diversified, and so forth. So when I talk about the future, I talk about a bigger umbrella with several components under it. Okay. Let's break that down a little bit. So, people who know our series know that, say there are... we've had one hospital underwriter and then another. And all of the sudden, they become one. Right. Right. Or they just... It doesn't have to do with us. It could be any hospital or hospital system. Is it a simple question of whether it's good or bad for healthcare consumers or is it a question of needing to understand what impact it has on us and how do we even find that out? I think it's the latter. I think it's all about the impact. You know, it's no secret that competition raises the bar and we are very very fortunate to be in New Jersey. To really have excellent healthcare systems here, not only in the state, but surrounding the state. So we are in a tractor of the best and the brightest, no question about that. And it's all about the outcomes. It's all about getting people better, preventing diseases, managing diseases better. And when resources combine, and the more consolidation we get in my opinion..."