Female Comic Desi Lydic Is Not Afraid of Controversy

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with female comic, Desi Lydic, who has made a name for herself as a correspondent on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and talks about how she's not afraid to take on tough topics and play controversial roles.

6/15/17 #2050






"Welcome to The Daily Show. I'm Trevor Noah. And we are continuing our run of specials featuring the individuals that make up the best ____ news team. With me tonight is our very own Desi Lydic. [applause] Desi, I'm excited for you. Oh, thank you. Well what would you say has been your greatest achievement being at The Daily Show? Probably not giving birth on air. Pretty proud of myself for that. [laughter] Wait, you were really pregnant? Yeah, no I was really pregnant. You don't remember that? I thought it was like a stunt... I thought it was like a long con you were playing. No that would be a very very long con. Yeah. [laughter] I was like that what makes it impressive. With very little payoff. [laughter] Wow. So you have a baby now? Yeah. Yeah. Huh? Well look at that. Yeah. [laughter] There she is! Not pregnant? I am not pregnant anymore. This is PBS we... I hope not. ...we don't joke about these things. I'm gonna leave here and I'm gonna go take a test right now just to be sure I'm not. Please do. Desi Lydic is correspondent with a great show called The Daily Show with that guy? Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah. And that guy is really good as well. How you doing? He's pretty good. I'm great! How are you? I'm great. You are causing trouble. Yeah. There is buzz about you everywhere because? Because I'm mostly almost getting arrested everywhere I go. For what? What are you doing? So I think, I mean, I think they just... for a good portion of the show I was pregnant. And I think they just thought "send the pregnant girl out. She's white. She's pregnant. She can get away with anything." So they would send me into the dangerous situations. Like? Like trying to go to the NRA Convention, and filming inside, which we're not credentialed to do. Back up. The National Rifle Association? Yes. "My cold dead hands"? Yup. Yeah. You go there? Yeah. To engage people in interesting dialogue? Interesting conversation. Such as? And we... the entire piece ended up being about the fact that I couldn't get into the event. They wouldn't... it was easier to actually buy a handgun than it was to get into the NRA Convention. If you have a camera. Why wouldn't they let you in? We had our cameras. I... they knew we were up to no good. We were stirring up trouble. Is it... were you there to stir up trouble? Or to just actually find out what people are really thinking? We were trying to find out what people were really thinking..."