Gary Vaynerchuk on Social Media's Impact Business Success

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with social media and marketing expert, Gary Vaynerchuk, about what it takes to crush it in the industry today and how he was able to turn a small business into a multi-million dollar company.

6/14/17 #2049






"Yeah that's Garyvee's problem. He does not have enough energy. [laughter] And this is Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, CEO of VaynerMedia. Garyvee, back by popular demand here on public television. How you doing buddy? Super well. How are you? I'm doing great. Good. I was just telling you that I go on, check your stuff out. It is motivational, inspirational, focus specific. What is it all about? I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that my mother loved me so much that I still need attention from the masses to subsidize that feeling. But I... look. I think it's about legacy, right? I mean, there's a lot of people that are gonna go out and accomplish great things financially, and things of that nature. But to me, I love the fact that I think I was parented well. I think that circumstances went in my favor. I think that I work hard. I think my stuff is very old school, tried and true. But I've got a schtick, and I've got a certain style of communicating, and I understand new technologies. And I like that I'm able to penetrate and get the people about things that I believe in that I think bring value, whether it is motivational or, really, as interesting for me, very practical and tactical. And so I think it's a combination of me living parallel lives. One where I'm really focused on building businesses and doing my thing, but I do like the camera. I do like this. And I do like interacting with people on the street like, "Hey, that thing you said to me..." Yeah. When you said that to me, as we were prepping, like "Hey, it brought me value." You know, "I went to the site to check it out." What beats that? Like there's no paycheck. Nothing. Like... right? Like, what like... Nothing. And I know it's cliche, and people will say it, but it's just true. And so I like the feeling of communicating with the masses that are interested. Plus, I love squeezing out the bullcrap. You know, like you're not gonna will it to, you know, you're not gonna... there's no secret. There's no shortcuts. And so, not being born in this country, old school stuff, I like pushing it. Tell people real quick the... I hate saying "the Reader's Digest" that's so old school... Yeah. Reader's Digest version of your story? Yeah. Immigrant. You know, born in Belarus, former Soviet Union. Came to the States. Grew up first couple of years in Queens, in Rego Park. Then in Edison, New Jersey. You know, east coast boy. Dad accomplished an unbelievable feat of coming here with nothing..."