Kessler Foundation's 16th Annual Stroll 'N Roll Part 1

In this two-part special, Steve Adubato goes on-location to the Kessler Foundation's 16th annual Stroll 'N Roll, where he speaks with individuals whose lives have been impacted by the Kessler Foundation and their research. Guests include Michele Pignatello, Chief Development Officer, Kessler Foundation & Alyce C. Halchak, Esq., Chair, Kessler Foundation Stroll 'N Roll & Director of the Corporate Dept. at Gibbons P.C.; Melinda Jennis, Founder & Board Member, Pathways for Exceptional Children & DJ Eric, The Pathways Amplifire DJs & DJ V, The Pathways Amplifire DJs; Gail Forrest, Ph.D., Associate Director, Human Performance & Movement, Analysis Research, Kessler Foundation; Rosalie Hannigan, Spinal Cord Injury Research Participant & Member of the Stroll 'N Roll Committee

11/21/17 #2083






"Hi I'm Steve Adubato, in beautiful Verona Park. The music's behind me, the people are behind me, why? This is the 16th Annual Kessler Foundation Stroll 'N Roll. They've been doing this for 16 years. When it started out, trust me, there weren't all these people, there aren't all these sponsors, but for 16 years, this foundation has been raising money for research, raising money to help those who are dealing with a variety of disabilities find employment, be trained for employment. So today is a great day. You're going to be seeing a two parter. I always like when we talk to people, there are so many great people, you have to turn it into a two parter. You've got researchers, scientists, participants in studies at the foundation, people with MS, people with traumatic brain injuries, people whose lives have been affected in so many ways, but they're improving. They tell their stories. they tell it in their own personal and very human way. So for us, you know, in public broadcasting and also folks watching on us on FiOS, you're gonna get to see those people, and I'm confident they're gonna send a powerful, optimistic, important message that, hopefully, can give you reason to believe that there's hope, not just for them, but for people watching who may be struggling as well. Check it out. I want to introduce two people who are very much a part of it. Alyce Halchak, who is Chair, Kessler Foundation's Stroll 'N Roll, and also an attorney at...? Gibbons. The great Gibbons law firm. And also, Michele Pignatello, Chief Development Officer, Kessler Foundation. Michele, we hear the music behind us. It's well, about ten or so in the morning here in Verona Park. Every time I've come here, there's energy, there's enthusiasm, for what? For making an impact to change the lives of people with disabilities. So this event is all about coming out to the community and showing, demonstrating, that it's abilities, not disabilities, that matter. And we raise money here through this event to fund our research that helps people recover after a brain injury, a spinal cord injury, stroke, MS, and now we're even getting into rehab research after cancer. Yeah. Alyce, you were saying that the Gibbons law..."