Meterologist Janice Huff On Local Forecasting and Global Weather

NBC News 4 Chief Meteorologist, Janice Huff, shares what it's been like to provide the tristate area with the daily forecast for more than 20 years, why she champions "Wednesday's Child" and how global weather is changing.

1/30/17 #2011






"There she is! You all recognize her. Janice Huff, chief meteorologist, NBC 4 New York. How you doing? I'm great Steve. How are you? Great. You love your job? I do love my job. I have the best job in the world. You do? I know you... [laughter] No no no no no! Hold on. I have the best job? Okay, we have the best jobs in the world. When did you know that this is what you wanted to do for a living? Well, I knew that I wanted to study weather and meteorology. Very early on. I always say to people, I probably came out of the womb. And just knowing that I was going to do this someday. I was born this way. Probably when I was like five or six, as a little child growing up in South Carolina. Hmm. Watching the clouds change, and the storms roll up, and the sky turn black, and I always sort was fasc... yep, that time in the fifth grade. It is. [laughter] You knew? Even before then. I knew. And it was probably in the fifth grade that I decided that I really wanted to study meteorology. I was looking through the encyclopedia one day, World Book Encyclopedia sitting on the shelf, had the "M" book, found meteorology, and that's when I knew. New York, when? New York? When did you get here? I got... By the way... by the way, you can tell we're in New York at 66th and Broadway, you might hear... Yeah! [laughter] ...some of the activity going on behind us. When did you get here to New York City? I came here in January of 1995. So this January will be 21 years that I've been here. Wow. Wow. It's amazing. I'm shocked. Describe your team. I told you before we got on the air, even though our family loves PBS, public television, always number one, but when we wake up in the morning, it is your station. We have an amazing team. All across the board. Every show that we do, from the mornings, to midday, to the evenings. Chuck Scarborough, of course, been there for, you know, 40 something years. Chuck and I are the two longest running at... right now, at WNBC. Gabe Pressman, of course, has been there... Yes. ...a long time, but back and forth. We have longevity. We have professionalism. We are family. I mean I know it seems,you know, hokey to say that, and people... "Do you really get along?" "Is everybody really nice?" Well, you know what? Everybody on our team's really nice. It's real? It is real. It really is. And there's a lot of giving back going on. We're about to show a clip from an organization called Wednesday's Child? Wednesday's Child..."