Overcoming Anxiety to Helping Others Who Struggle Wtih It

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Corinne Zupko, Ed.S, licensed counselor and bestselling author of “From Anxiety to Love: A Radical Approach for Letting go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace” to discuss her personal journey of overcoming anxiety. She shares how it has lead her to be an inspiration to others who are struggling.

8/27/18 #2159






"We're joined by Corinne Zupko, who is an author of an interesting and compelling book called From Anxiety to Love. How you doing? I'm doing great. Thank you so much for having me. What are you doing writing about anxiety? Like... as if there aren't millions of people dealing with it everyday? [laughter] Or not dealing with it? Possibly. But it is a rampant problem. I'm writing about it because of what I went through, and I hope to help others, and the feedback that I've gotten about the book already has been really heartwarming. What's the message of the book? The message of the book is that anxiety falls away as we begin to remember our true self. So I believe that what we are is love. We're made of love. There's a spark of good that exists in all of us. And it might be really deeply buried, it might be covered on layers upon layers of fear, but the more we get in touch and connect with that, the anxiety falls away. It's not like we have to effort or strain or really... although it's a process and it's work, it's not like we have to work hard at getting over our fears. The fear falls away as we connect with ourself. Is the... is that what happened for you? Yes. By the way, descr... if you could put out... I'm putting you in an uncomfortable... Go for it. An anxiety filled situation. [laughter] What did you experience? I have been diagnosed, throughout my life, at various points in time, with multiple different anxiety disorders. So my first anxiety disorder diagnosis came at the age of two, around there, when I was really young. Separation anxiety disorder. My poor mother could not leave the room, even in our own house, without me screaming my head off. And the anxiety... I grew out of that, but I like to think about how fear is kind of like a shapeshifter. So it sort of will go underground and morph and change, and maybe come out another way. It pops up sometimes? It comes... yeah, like a leaky pipe. Where did that come from? Like a leaky pipe. Until you start to get to the root of the fear. So I grew, and I grew out of the separation anxiety, but I had a lot of phobias develop, and I started worrying about getting sick, you know, every little pang of pain, I was like, "Am I dying of a terrible disease?" What if? The what ifs. The what ifs. By the..."