Richard French Delves into NJ's Political Landscape

Richard French, Host of “Richard French Live,” discusses New Jersey’s political landscape and the impact the Trump presidency has on NJ and the nation.

10/7/17 #118






"I am pleased and honored to welcome my colleague Richard French, host of Richard French Live. People can see it every night? What time? Where? 6 o'clock on FiOS and RNN Channel. You and your... I love the digs! Right, well this is NJTV. I tell you. Not bad, right? Very impressive. Now you have an impressive studio too as well. By the way, tell folks what your show looks like, feels like, because you love and are obsessed by, in a healthy way, politics and public policy. Oh you know, a little bit of everything. Obviously, you got the President, who keeps everybody a little busy, we've got interesting campaign seasons. And big social issues going on right now. So a little bit of regional, a little bit of national. We also like to include the viewers, whether it be some live calls and stuff like that. So it's an hour every night, 6 to 7, Monday through Friday. And no shortage of interesting things to talk about. By the way, where Richard is sitting right now, we had the Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno and Ambassador Phil Murphy, the two leading candidates for governor, as part of a series we're doing, simply called New Jersey's Next Governor. It'll be actually airing on FiOS1 on October 12th at 9 PM, but let's go back. Talk Trump. What is the biggest concern you have about him, and where is his greatest opportunity? On the concern front, forgetting even on the policy, the developments that are unfolding as it relates to the investigation, the no-knock warrants for Paul Manafort that we're learning about, the clear intent in the investigation to literally treat this almost like a mob case. There is no shortage of seriousness or consequences, potentially, for an administration that hasn't seemed to handle adversity or confusion well. And I think that this is gonna put even further pressures, and I don't know what will happen as a consequence out of it. So you have that parallel going on with, obviously, international incidents. You have, obviously, major issues whether it due in terms of budgetary, or debt limits, and now on top of that... Or DACA? Or DACA, certainly. And I know you've spoken to a lot of folks as I, who will be directly impacted by that. And uncertainty, again, is something that we can talk about in political terms, but it's real life issues for those folks, and similarly for healthcare. Healthcare reform right now what will and won't happen with the repeal, even if they find the votes. So there's a lot of moving parts to it. It's hard for any administration, but with the cloud of controversy and possible indictments coming down, it makes it even that much harder. Let's talk political discourse..."