Senator Kip Bateman Examines Political Discourse in the U.S.

Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R) -NJ, 16th Legislative District, and Steve Adubato sit down to explore the political discourse in the country. They discuss alternatives to raising taxes, public employee health benefits, and reasons why people are leaving NJ.

11/10/18 #226






"State of Affairs" is pleased to welcome once again, State Senator Christopher "Kip" Bateman.  A Republican from the 16th district, he comes from incredible lineage in the state of New Jersey. To remind everyone Kip, your dad right just a giant in the state... Hmm. Tell folks. Yeah, he was in the assembly for 10 years, in the Senate for 10 years. Senate President ran for governor in 1977, actually beat Tom Kane Sr. That's right. When in the election where  they thought all you have to do is win the primary, you go on because of one term burn. But they turned that whole issue of the income tax around and we lost the election in the last week or so. But uh it was a great experience, met great New Jerseyans, realized how big New Jersey was, and how great... Yeah. New Jersey is. But, uh he was a real, he was really... First class? Yeah. First class guy. The reason I raised that, not just because to pay homage to your dad, who I had always just great respect for. Your father, you, come from a long line of folks who may disagree with people on the issues, but always civil, respectful, courteous.  What debate issue is pretty hard? Kip what has happened to the political discourse in this country and why are we so darn divisive and finally, will we ever turn it around? Let me just touch on that. You know my dad gave me a lot of good advice, but probably the best advice he gave me when I was first elected in 1994 to the assembly, is he goes, you know you're in the majority. When you go down there Kip, make friends on both sides of the fence, because you're not always going to be in the majority. And let me tell you, I took his advice and I made great friends in the majority I was chairman in the Assembly Banking Insurance Committee, and then when it switched the other side remembered that. And you know what, I have a reputation of being bipartisan, getting along very well with the Democrats, because... Hmm. The only way we're gonna solve these problems  in New Jersey, is working together. What's the deal? Sorry we're speaking with State Senator Kip Bateman, this is Steve Adubato State of Affairs That's for folks listening on the radio side. Okay.  Real quick. Why are we so... My Washington is outrageous Is it? Is it... So partisan... I hate to simplify it this way. How much of it is President Donald Trump. I think a great deal of it is. I think he's been very divisive, even amongst Republicans..."