St. Peter's University's Unique Criminal Justice Internships

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Kevin Callahan, Professor of Criminal Justice at Saint Peter’s University and retired NJ Superior Court Judge, to talk about the amazing criminal justice internship program where his students can get a taste of the real world before graduation.

5/29/18 #2145






"Welcome One on One. I'm Steve Adubato. It is my pleasure to welcome a very distinguished gentleman. He is Kevin Callahan, Professor of Criminal Justice at Saint Peter's University, and retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge. Good to have you Kevin. Thank you for having me very much Steve. We were just talking before we got on the air, that the field of criminal justice changed dramatically in the last f...? I mean, five to ten years ago, different? Right? Absolutely. How so? It's all inclusive, it... people think, "Well you're going to be a police officer", of course that's that, but it's much more. We run the gamut of students who want to be lawyers, probation, correction, they want to be a sociological major at times with a minor, we have a very large major, one of the largest in the university. Why do you think that is? I think it... I think there's a lot of people that want to make the place a better place to live, and they think... a lot of my students think that becoming involved in the criminal justice system, and the diversity that my school brings to that, could make for better relations all the way around, and I've seen it over the last eight years I've been there. We now have many students that are on police departments, and the state police, and also law schools, and as you know, we're a very diverse school, and I think the more that people interact with other people, the more tolerance there is. You know, I've been on your campus many times, President Gene Cornacchia a good friend. He was actually a former professor of political science? Yes, he started as a professor and has been there for 35 or more years. And I remember lecturing a few years back at the Guarini Institute... Oh yes. ...named after the Honorable Congressman Frank Guarini... He gave me my start in law. He did? Yes he did. I mean I just happened to say that to disclose that I taught there one time... wh...? When I graduated Seton Hall Law School I did an internship, I'm born and raised in Jersey City, he was not a Congressman at the time, it was before that. After he was a senator. Right. And we met... we had met... known each other a little bit, and I was finishing a law clerk. Wow. ...internship, and he said, "Do you want to come to my firm?" And he gave me my start. Well… Stayed with him for over four years. It's interesting, how you're talking about giving one his or her start. The..."