A.O. Scott Examines the Most Influential Films of the Decade

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with A.O. Scott, Chief Film Critic, New York Times, and Author, “Better Living Through Criticism,” to discuss some of the past decade’s most influential films.

1/27/2020 #2274






"This is One on One. Here he is Tony Scott chief film critic a little publication Called the New York Times still the grey lady last time I checked author of better living through criticism how you doing? I'm doing well. All right Seeing a lot of movies how about you? I've seen one movie I want to talk about and get it out of the way right away. Okay we're we're doing taping this at the end of 2019 you'll see in 2020 the Irishman. I had a feeling I just--alright. I had a hunch you were gonna, you were gonna go there. I told you I saw in the theater. Yep and I saw it at home on Netflix. Mm hmm. My wife Jen, I know you're watching you fell asleep your wife did too twice. Six breaks you took. Movies, theater or at home well I saw it both ways and I, I mean I like the movies I mean I like going to the movies. Same here--I, I the reason I'm a film critic is cause I love to go to movies and I was trying to find a way to do that as much as I as much as I can and I like I like going into the big dark space with strangers with friends and also just the way that you have to pay attention and the screen is bigger than life and you're there and you're committed for a few hours you can't take breaks you'll miss it it'll keep going so it makes it kind of special it makes it communal but you know this movie worked pretty well at home too I mean you you have to you have to focus you have to pay attention it moves slowly it's long it's very quiet it's not a kind of bang bang shoot them up you know gangster movie like Goodfellas--so my wife-- Sorry for interrupting when my wife said hey this is too slow you're thinking this is amazing. I love slow. That's what I was thinking. Yes think it's like they're driving in the car they're driving on the Turnpike Russell Bufalino and yeah De Niro, Sheeran. Yes and Bufalino go ahead Yeah, Sheeran and Bufalino Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro I mean who wouldn't want to be in that car? And the two--on that trip--who were in the backseat who's gotta take a smoking break. Right they take--that's fascinating. And they have to change a tire and they stopped at a Howard Johnsons and it's it's just I could I could you know it could have been twice as long--they didn't have any cornflakes, you know horn what did you mean? Cornflakes in the morning. I'm sorry. Exactly he's making a salad in the, in the back and then..."