Carolyn M. Welsh

“We are grateful for our longstanding partnership with Steve Adubato and the Caucus Education Corporation. Participation in CEC programming increases public awareness about organ and tissue donation and transplantation, dispels myths, and conveys the importance of registering as an organ and tissue donor, helping us to save more lives than ever before.”

– Carolyn M. Welsh, President and CEO, NJ Sharing Network

Ras Baraka

“Programming like State of Affairs with Steve Adubato is essential to the state and to the city of Newark especially, because our issues get elevated and heard and we can discuss them in detail. It’s not just soundbites. We get to really delve into the issues in a very objective, comprehensive way.”

– Ras Baraka, Mayor, City of Newark

Greg Lalevee

“Steve Adubato’s programming including State of Affairs is important because it brings awareness to all topics that affect citizens throughout the state of NJ. Wea re happy to participate in it and happy to listen to other leaders throughout the state about what is going on and what is going to impact our lives.”

– Greg Lalevee, Business Manager & General Vice President, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 825

Ameer Washington

“The work that Steve Adubato and programming such as State of Affairs have been doing for so many years to help young people across Newark and New Jersey has been critical to their growth and development. We need great partners to invest in our non-profit organizations. We need champions like Steve and the Caucus Educational Corporation who know the importance of nonprofits in the city of Newark and across our country who make a commitment to ensuring our youth have everything they need to be successful.”

– Ameer Washington, Chief Executive Officer, Boys & Girls Club of Newark

Rabbi Marc Katz

“In a world of too many sound bites, to have journalism that delves into complex issues and does it in a way that leads with sensitivity and nuance is a rare thing in this world and I appreciate the ability to engage in that kind of conversation with Steve Adubato.”

– Rabbi Marc Katz, Temple Ner Tamid

Joe Bertolino

“Folks need to know that public regional universities like Stockton are both a bastion of education and a resource for the members of the community. Conversations like those on Think Tank with Steve Adubato help to build those relationships and help to build those connections.” 

– Joe Bertolino, Ed.D., President, Stockton University

Christopher Kelly,

“Programming produced by the Caucus Educational Corporation is so important at a moment when people are questioning facts and truth. And, when distrust and suspicion are running so high, having people confront these issues with objectivity, thoughtfulness, and fairness is absolutely essential to our democracy.”

– Christopher Kelly, VP of Content, NJ Advance Media

Kimberly Mutcherson

“This discussion about reproductive health with Steve Adubato was incredibly important because lots of folks don’t understand how expansive the decisions of the supreme court are, and I’m here today to tell everyone that you should be concerned.”

– Kimberly Mutcherson, Dean and Professor of Law, Rutgers-Camden

Bob Ley

“Being on One on One today was valuable because it’s important for people to understand the intersection of sports, the issues within society, and the responsibility of those in the media understand those connections.”

– Bob Ley, ESPN Sports Anchor & Executive Founder of the Center for Sports Media, Seton Hall University

Tammy Murphy

“Being able to communicate with the public, telling them what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and having someone like Steve Adubato who is honestly reporting and providing the facts is vitally important.”

– Tammy Murphy, First Lady of NJ

James Monroe Iglehart

“I feel nothing but blessings to be able to be a part of PBS programming again. When they say wishes can come true, I mean that. I love being on Steve’s show because he gives the people what they want.”

– James Monroe Iglehart, Tony Award-winner, Aladdin and Hamilton Star NJPBS, NJPAC, American Songbook 5th Season

Cindy Jebb

“Being on CEC programming to talk about higher ed has been a wonderful opportunity. I think it’s phenomenal being able to bring issues to the public that require public debate.”

– Cindy Jebb, President, Ramapo College of NJ

John Harmon

“I’m always honored to have a conversation with Steve. His programming is a platform to articulate our concerns and the approach is very candid and straightforward. Getting these perspectives out to society provides a great benefit.”

– John Harmon, President and CEO, African American Chamber of Commerce

Taryn Morrisey

“Working parents who have young children understand the importance of childcare. The issue deserves more attention so I’m very happy that Caucus Educational Corporation programming is raising public awareness.”

– Taryn Morrisey, Professor, School of Public Affairs, American University

Angelica Allen-McMillan

“Steve Adubato provides an invaluable service because he speaks to what's tugging at people’s hearts and minds. This programming provides opportunities for the voices of individuals to be heard that match with the current needs in the community.”

– Angelica Allen-McMillan, Acting Commissioner NJ Department of Education

Carlos Lejnieks

“Very rarely we have a platform that allows us to lift up important issues, and this is one of the only places in NJ we can do that. Steve allows us to think about real topics, policy, and people, and it's a real honor to be on this show.”

- Carlos Lejnieks, President & CEO, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson and Union Counties

Estherlene Phanord

“One-on-One with Steve Adubato gives professionals like me an opportunity to engage a local audience about the importance of public health programs and shared community resources. We’re grateful to Steve for using his platform to amplify voices from our communities on critical issues including health equity.”

- Estherlene Phanord, Health Educator for Trusted Links, Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern New Jersey

Josh Gottheimer (D)

“I had a great experience on “State of Affairs”. Steve Adubato asks tough questions and it’s what we need. We need good journalists who are willing to cover us and examine the issues affecting New Jersey.”

- U.S. Representative Josh Gottheimer (D) - NJ, 5th Congressional District

Sandy Mitchell

“Getting exposure on “One-on-One with Steve Adubato” is priceless, especially as we build our organization and look for new board members and donors. Project Help serves military veterans, and we could never have done this on our own. It’s like a gift from heaven.”

- Sandy Mitchell, Founder & Executive Director, Project Help

Winifred Smith-Jenkins

“Participating in “Think Tank with Steve Adubato” allowed me to, not only talk about issues affecting my programs and the children and families we care for and educate, but children and families throughout the state. Change will only take place when policymakers and the public have a better understanding of these problems and why reforms are needed to support ‘the workforce behind the workforce’.”

- Winifred Smith-Jenkins, Senior Director, Zadie's Nurturing Den

Anibal Ramos, Jr.

“Think Tank with Steve Adubato” is extremely important because it really highlights how non-profit organizations have been able to fill the resource gaps in our communities due to COVID-19. It’s all about getting the message out to the community and to people of the state. And we know it’s working because after watching the program, a local Newark pastor offered his church for a food bank to use.”

- Anibal Ramos, Jr., North Ward Councilman, City of Newark

Asm. Jon Bramnick (R)

“State of Affairs with Steve Adubato” and all the series produced by the Caucus Educational Corporation are first rate. This programming is critical to informing the citizens of New Jersey and the broader New York/New Jersey region on the issues that matter and their impact on area residents. The CEC provides a tremendous public service.”

- Asm. Jon Bramnick (R) – NJ, Assembly Republican Leader

Tom Kean, Sr.

“What do you watch if you don’t watch “State of Affairs with Steve Adubato” on public broadcasting? This is how you learn about your state. For over 25 years, Steve and his team at the Caucus Educational Corporation have helped us to learn about New Jersey and what matters most.”

- Former NJ Governor Tom Kean, Sr.

Jim Kirkos

"Steve Adubato continues to engage the leaders and issues that are most important to New Jersey residents and businesses. “One on One” discussions allow viewers to get a better understanding of the issue as Steve always asks compelling questions and takes deep dives into the subject matter. I have learned so much by being a viewer and a guest. Kudos Steve Adubato and his team!"

- Jim Kirkos, President & CEO, Meadowlands Regional Chamber

Alisyn Camerota

“I’ve known Steve for a long time and have always enjoyed our discussions. He’s a fair-minded interviewer who does his homework and asks smart questions.”

- Alisyn Camerota, Co-Anchor,
CNN’s New Day

Steven Edwards

"It’s a pleasure to be interviewed by Steve Adubato. His command of the facts about the subjects he’s dissecting, and his passion for the truth, is unparalleled on the NJ broadcast airways."

- Steven Edwards, President, Board of Trustees, The Foundation for the New Jersey Hall of Fame

Lamont Repollet

"Steve Adubato shines a light on major issues facing New Jersey through public affairs programming like "State of Affairs". His interviews with leaders in government, education, business, and more help viewers understand social justice, equity and public policy matters that impact our state, particularly our urban centers."

- Lamont Repollet, EdD, President, Kean University

Ira Robbins

"Steve Adubato’s programming plays an essential role in the New Jersey media landscape. He brings together some of the most impactful thought leaders in our state to examine the issues, challenges and opportunities we face. Most importantly, he provides unbiased, thought-provoking commentary which is all too rare in journalism today."

- Ira Robbins, President & CEO,
Valley Bank

Carlos Medina

“The impact that shows like "Think Tank with Steve Adubato" have on NJ residents is impossible to measure. As news becomes sensationalized the local stories told by those that have deep connectivity to the area like Steve does is an invaluable service to our residents and it's what makes PBS the “go to” for unbiased story telling important to our neighbors.”

- Carlos Medina, Esq., President, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of NJ