Phil Murphy, Governor

"I enjoyed being on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato. Steve and I talked about substantial issues both in New Jersey and in America. State of Affairs is a great program and I was honored to be on the series premiere.”

- Phil Murphy, Governor


Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver

"Shows like State of Affairs with Steve Adubato give New Jersey residents an opportunity to access and learn about what’s going on in their state. It educates people and allows them to get engaged in things that are important to them."

- Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney

"Programs like State of Affairs are critically important so that people actually have an idea about what’s going on in New Jersey. We’re surrounded by two different media markets: New York and Philadelphia and sometimes New Jersey is treated like an orphan. Therefore, providing programming like this that ensures people know what’s going on in their state is crucial."

- New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney


Philip Alagia

"In a market that is sandwiched between Philadelphia and New York, New Jersey residents need a resource to find out what’s going on locally. Shows like “State of Affairs with Steve Adubato” make sure that the residents of New Jersey know what’s impacting their lives."

- Philip Alagia, Chief of Staff, Essex County, Democratic Strategist


Chris Cuomo

“Adubato is the personification of the consummate pro. He also has a special brand of curiosity that is that magic mix of knowing what he doesn’t know. As a result, he asks questions that get a little bit more out of you than most would. (And he is not bad to look at.)”

- Chris Cuomo, Anchor, CNN's New Day


Jose Lozano

"It was a wonderful experience joining Steve on One-on-One and having the chance to articulate some of the great work that this state is doing to rebuild the economy and create astate of innovation."

- Jose Lozano, CEO, Choose New Jersey

John Edward

"My interview with Steve was very cool, very clear, concise and enjoyable. I think programs like this are important for a lot of reasons. We’re living in a crazy time with social media where people take information in sound bites. So being able to have a conversation that can start a dialogue is very powerful."

- John Edward,  Psychic Medium

Michael Maron

"The interview on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato was great. Programs like this are important to get the message out to the community so the people can understand the dynamic of what’s going on in the state and become active participants instead of being on the side lines."

- Michael Maron,

President and CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

Patricia Teffenhart

"Today was fantastic! Steve asked appropriately hard-hitting questions around policy reform that needs to address sexual assault in New Jersey and I was really proud of the opportunity to contribute to that conversation."

- Patricia Teffenhart, MPA, Executive Director, NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Tim Sullivan

"It is really important to have the conversations that Steve is having on programs like State of Affairs. There are so many issues that are important to New Jersey families and businesses that need to be understood, so people can make informed decisions about them."

- Tim Sullivan, CEO, NJEDA

Joel Bloom

"Programs like Caucus: New Jersey are critically important because they raise issues that are so relevant to the population of the state. In this case, it is about higher education and how we can continue to improve it and offer it to the citizens of our state."

- Joel Bloom, Ph.D., President, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Carlos Lejnieks

"Being on the One-on-One is always a blessing because it not only allows us to talk about our programs, but elevate the conversation to a higher level. And knowing that so many people will be watching this conversation really allows a social sector leader like myself to amplify our message."

- Carlos Lejnieks, President and CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson and Union Counties

Natasha Hemmings

"Steve's questions helped me get across the messages that I wanted to share about Girl Scouts. One-on-One was a great platform for me to talk about the importance of girl scouting and about our need for volunteers."

- Natasha Hemmings, CEO, Girl Scouts Heart of NJ

Adele LaTourette

"It was a wonderful experience being on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato. I think we need to focus more on issues impacting local communities, particularly with the politics of the day. I think change on the local level requires being informed on these issues and State of Affairs keeps citizens informed."

- Adele LaTourette, Executive Director, Hunger Free New Jersey

Kevin O'Toole

"It's important to expose the issues of the day to all citizens in the New Jersey and New York region. State of Affairs covers the topics residents don’t normally get in their local newspapers or radio."

- Kevin O'Toole, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Dan Harris

"My interview on One-on-One with Steve Adubato was great. In my view one of the amazing things that public television does is allow you to hear people speak unedited and at length, so they get real content rather than a quick sound bite."

- Dan Harris,

Anchor, ABC News &

Author, "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics╩║ & "10% Happier"

Sam Brinton

"The experience on One-on-One was absolutely astounding! Getting to talk to someone who is willing to learn about conversion therapy and wants to have a conversation about how we can change the conversation—that’s what I loved about it."

- Sam Brinton, Head of Advocacy & Government Affairs, The Trevor Project

George Resch

"Programs like One-on-One are good for everybody. It’s good for the people that watch PBS because they see something different and it’s good for the people like me who get exposure. to people who might not on other platforms."

- George Resch, Meme Creator known as Tank Sinatra on Instagram

Mary Robinson

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to speak on One-on-One with Steve Adubato. The service they provide is critical for getting important issues out to the New Jersey community. I appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about our organization providing grief support for families and children from all over the state."

- Mary Robinson, Executive Director & Founder of Imagine - A Center for Coping with Loss

Krishna Powell

"Being interviewed on One-on-One was wonderful! This was an excellent opportunity to connect and help other leaders understand what it takes to manage young professionals."

- Krishna Powell, Founfer, HR 4 Your Small Biz

A'Dorian Murray-Thomas

"Being able to talk about the work we do to help young girls in Newark who have been impacted by violence was incredible. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to highlight these stories and have our story be a part of that, as well."

- A'Dorian Murray-Thomas, Founder, SHE Wins

Mike Duhaime

"Programs like State of Affairs are essential because New Jersey is the only state without its own media market, in between New York and Philadelphia. Sometimes the only place to get quality local programming is public through television such as this show."

- Mike Duhaime, Republican Strategist & Partner, Mercury

Joe Benincasa

"My interview with Steve was fantastic. I appreciate being a part of One-on-One with Steve Adubato and I appreciate the time we had to talk about supporting those in the entertainement and performing arts industry."

- Joe Benincasa, President & CEO, The Actors Fund


Adam Schefter

"Having the opportunity to talk with Steve was tremendous! It's great to be on One-on-One to discuss my latest book, "The Man I Never Met: A Memoir," and how much this man's story about 9/11 truly impacted my family. "

- Adam Schefter, NFL Insider, ESPN & Author, "The Man I Never Met: A Memoir"

Margaret Hoover

"Steve is so awesome.I’ve watched his programs for so long and he's great at getting important messages out to the local community."

- Margaret Hoover, Host, Firing Line with Margaret Hoover

Karen Hunter

"My experience on One-on-One with Steve Adubato was fantastic! He’s a wonderful, incredible soul who knows how to ask all of the important questions that the world needs to hear."

- Karen Hunter, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist & Host, "Karen Hunter Show" on SiriusXM Radio

Christiani Pitts

"Being able to share my experience of being the first African American woman to play the role of Ann Darrow in King Kong on Broadway was amazing. I forgot I was wearing a microphone because Steve made it feel like we were just two friends getting coffee and having a conversation!"

- Christiani Pitts, Actress, King Kong on Broadway

Noah Rauch

"It's clear that Steve has a connection to the National September 11th Memorial & Museum. His questions were very insightful and he is truly invested in our entire community."

- Noah Rauch, Senior VP of Education & Public Programs, National September 11th Memorial & Museum