Phil Murphy, Governor

"I enjoyed being on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato. Steve and I talked about substantial issues both in New Jersey and in America. State of Affairs is a great program and I was honored to be on the series premiere.”

- Phil Murphy, Governor


Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver

"Shows like State of Affairs with Steve Adubato give New Jersey residents an opportunity to access and learn about what’s going on in their state. It educates people and allows them to get engaged in things that are important to them."

- Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney

"Programs like State of Affairs are critically important so that people actually have an idea about what’s going on in New Jersey. We’re surrounded by two different media markets: New York and Philadelphia and sometimes New Jersey is treated like an orphan. Therefore, providing programming like this that ensures people know what’s going on in their state is crucial."

- New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney


Former Governor of NJ and Chairman of the New Jersey Reentry Corporation, James McGreevey

"State of Affairs with Steve Adubato really impacts New Jersey. As much as I know what’s going on in the state, I still tune in and listen to all of the shows because it's really helpful for all of us."

- Former Governor of NJ and Chairman of the New Jersey Reentry Corporation, James McGreevey

Chris Cuomo, Anchor

“Adubato is the personification of the consummate pro. He also has a special brand of curiosity that is that magic mix of knowing what he doesn’t know. As a result, he asks questions that get a little bit more out of you than most would. (And he is not bad to look at.)”

- Chris Cuomo, Anchor, CNN's New Day


Dr. Ali Houshmand

"Programs like Caucus: New Jersey connect you to various audiences and constituencies, such as local and state governments, business leaders, and faculty and students. As a result, the message you want to communicate can be shared to different people through this one program."

- Dr. Ali Houshmand, Ph.D.,

President, Rowan University

Linsey Davis

"Steve is so personable, it felt like we were having a conversation. It doesn’t feel like they typical Question and Answer, per se. It is just like talking to an old friend. It was just a really enjoyable experience, and I hope to come back again."

- Linsey Davis, ABC News Correspondent & Author,

The World is Awake: A Celebration of Everyday Blessings

Michele Siekerka

"I always appreciate the opportunity to have a good discussion with Steve. He and I really shake things up. We talk about significant issues that are important for New Jersey businesses and residents."

- Michele Siekerka, President & CEO,

New Jersey Business & Industry Association

Dr. Gene Cornacchia

"Shows like this are so important for the state of New Jersey and the people of New Jersey because it uniquely addresses the issues in the state. I cannot think of any other venues in New Jersey that fulfills that goal."

- Dr. Gene Cornacchia, President, Saint Peter's University

John Edward

"My interview with Steve was very cool, very clear, concise and enjoyable. I think programs like this are important for a lot of reasons. We’re living in a crazy time with social media where people take information in sound bites. So being able to have a conversation that can start a dialogue is very powerful."

- John Edward,  Psychic Medium

Cecilia Zalkind

"Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato is the only programming in the state that covers policy issues. We are so excited to be a partner in Right from the Start NJ - to call attention to the needs of young children and the importance in investing in young children. Caucus NJ has played an incredibly important role in that."

- Cecilia Zalkind, President & CEO, Advocates for Children of New Jersey

Dr. Joe Marbach

"I think One-One is very important because issues of affordability and accessibility to higher education are on the minds of not only legislators, but on parents’ and students’ minds. We are really happy that Steve is bringing this to the attention and awareness of the public."

- Dr. Joe Marbach, President, Georgian Court University

Tim Sullivan

"It is really important to have the conversations that Steve is having on programs like State of Affairs. There are so many issues that are important to New Jersey families and businesses that need to be understood, so people can make informed decisions about them."

- Tim Sullivan, CEO, NJEDA

Dan Harris

"My interview on One-on-One with Steve Adubato was great. In my view one of the amazing things that public television does is allow you to hear people speak unedited and at length, so they get real content rather than a quick sound bite."

- Dan Harris,

Anchor, ABC News &

Author, "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics╩║ & "10% Happier"

Joel Bloom

"Programs like Caucus: New Jersey are critically important because they raise issues that are so relevant to the population of the state. In this case, it is about higher education and how we can continue to improve it and offer it to the citizens of our state."

- Joel Bloom, Ph.D., President, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Jim Kirkos

"It's really important for us to be able to get our message out so that viewers understand all of the critical issues that take place in and around NJ. Programs we do with Steve and the Caucus Educational Corporation really get to the heart of so many different topics and that are so important for NJ residents."

- Jim Kirkos, President & CEO, Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce

Gary Vanerchuk

"I can easily say that that is one of the best five or six interviews that I have done.I'm in a place right now where I'm being interviewed almost every day and it's very obvious to me when someone is strong at their craft. I usually take the lead as a powerful guest, but I was led in that interview with Steve and I enjoyed it quite a bit."

- Gary Vanerchuk,

Author, Entrepreneur & Founder of VaynerMedia & VaynerRSE


Christy Tighe

"Programs like these provide such a great service to New Jersey residents because they really provide unbiased information that we all need. Caucus: New Jersey is such a great platform and Steve has a knack for reaching everybody, from the top leaders in our state to the top students."

- Christy Tighe, Director of College and Career Readiness,

Junior Achievement of New Jersey

Chris Giamo

"New Jersey is a unique state, we have our own unique stories and experiences and being able to share them on State of Affairs is helpful to everyone."

- Chris Giamo, EVP, Head of Commercial Bank, TD Bank

Mary Alice Williams

"New Jersey is a unique state, we have our own unique stories and experiences and being able to share them on State of Affairs is helpful to everyone."

- Mary Alice Williams,

Anchor, NJTV News

Kevin Callahan

"One-on-One is vital to New Jersey because it is a platform that provides an opportunity to show off the positive things happening in the state.This program is like a gateway to a variety of different people in New Jersey and it shows them doing wonderful things in their communities."

- Kevin Callahan, Professor of Criminal Justice at Saint Peter’s University

Carlos Lejnieks

"Being on the One-on-One set is like being at home. Talking with Steve is always a blessing because he allows us to, not only talk about our programs, but elevate the conversation to a higher level. And knowing that so many people will be watching this conversation really allows a social sector leader like myself to amplify our message and what we are all about."

- Carlos Lejnieks, President and CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson and Union Counties

Tom Weatherall

"Steve Adubato knows how to tell a story - how to get the story out of us and then blend it together beautifully. We’re grateful at Make-A-wish that Steve has such care and interest in our mission. And we’re looking forward to being invited back again."

- Tom Weatherall, CEO, Make –A-Wish NJ

John Sarno

"State of Affairs gives me an opportunity to inform the public on very important issues. I would recommend Steve’s program for information, insight and sometimes even for cutting edge programming so I highly recommended it."

- John Sarno, President, Employers Association of New Jersey

George Resch

"Programs like One-on-One are good for everybody. It’s good for the people that watch PBS because they see something different and it’s good for the people like me who get exposure. to people who might not on other platforms."

- George Resch, Meme Creator known as Tank Sinatra on Instagram

Leslie Anderson

"Public television gives us the opportunity to be more than just a sound bite and to talk in-depth about what is happening in our communities. It is critical to have that chance to spread the word of all the good things that are happening. Steve Adubato is a great example of why this is necessary and his career is a testament to not only why it is important but why it’s effective."

- Leslie Anderson, Executive Director, New Jersey Redevelopment Authority

Joseph Fiordaliso

"Programs like State of Affairs inform people of what is really going on without any slant. It's straight news, it's informative. Public television provides, in my opinion, one of the best sources to get news."

- Joseph Fiordaliso, President, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

Natasha Hemmings

"My experience was awesome! Steve was really getting across the messages that I wanted to share about Girl Scouts. It was incredible. Steve gets it, and it doesn’t hurt that his daughter is a Girl Scout. One-on-One was a great platform for me to talk about the importance of girl scouting and about our need for volunteers."

- Natasha Hemmings, CEO, Girl Scouts Heart of NJ

Michael Maron

"The interview on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato was great. Programs like this are important to get the message out to the community so the people can understand the dynamic of what’s going on in the state and become active participants instead of being on the side lines."

- Michael Maron,

President and CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

Chris Russo, Host,

"Steve is enthusiastic and that’s really what makes his interviews a home run. These programs are all important; they're something different - they're educational and we need them. It gets you away from the nuttiness of regular television. I’m a big PBS fan."

- Chris Russo,Host, "Mad Dog Unleashed" on Mad Dog Sports Radio,

Sirus XM & Host, "High Heat", MLB Network

Kevin O'Toole

"The show was terrific. It's important to expose the issues of the day to all citizens in the New Jersey and New York region and State of Affairs covers the topics residents don’t normally get in their local newspapers or radio."

- Kevin O'Toole, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Randy Alexander

"Steve Adubato has been so important to NJ television for decades. He has carved a niche and built something in NJ that is indispensable. I support public television and everything that Steve does. Being interviewed was such a pleasure, I felt like we were completely symbiotic. I hope he keeps doing this forever; he is terrific."

- Randy Alexander, Executive Board Member, Philadelphia Music Alliance & President & CEO,

Randex Communications

Jonathan S. Steinberg

"Steve is very knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to be interviewed by him. I do not think there is anyone in the state who knows more about New Jersey than Steve does. He has the breadth of experience and the commitment that makes these interviews incredibly powerful and informative."

- Jonathan S. Steinberg, MD, Director, Summit Medical Group Arrhythmia Center