Stand & Deliver: Communication Tools for Tomorrow’s Leaders….

StandDeliver logo colorwas founded in 1999 by the Caucus Educational Corporation to teach young adults to communicate clearly and with passion.

Stand & Deliver believes that by building a young adult’s ability to communicate effectively, it strengthens self-esteem, confidence, and leadership development. Stand & Deliver workshops provide urban youth the necessary skills to fully participate in the workforce, lead and facilitate change and document important civic issues.

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Our curriculum requires student teams to develop a viable project incorporating solutions to prominent social issues known as the Stand & Deliver Challenge. These projects are presented each year at the Leadership All-Stars to a panel of judges, including stakeholders, community leaders, educators and law enforcement officials.

Stand Deliver Page Group ShotTeaching our young adults to communicate and lead with passion and integrity prepares them for the future and gives them the tools necessary to succeed in whatever path they choose. If you would like to learn more about the Stand & Deliver program, please call the Program Director, Mary Gamba, at (973) 233-9890 or email.


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Roger Leon, Superintendent, Newark Public Schools, talks about the value of the Stand & Deliver program


The Curriculum

The Stand & Deliver curriculum has been revised for 2021.  Specifically, due to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, most of our students are now communicating and leading remotely in a variety of settings.  With that said, the curriculum has been revised to include such skills as effective use of remote communication, looking into the camera, lighting and audio “best practices” as well as how best to engage others remotely.  Further, since the majority of our seminars are taking place remotely, we have taken an innovative approach to teaching young adults about the connection between communication and leadership, using virtual role-plays and scenarios that incorporate such concepts as communicating across cultures and leadership in times of crisis.  Other topic areas include listening, presentation skills, non-verbal communication, interviewing skills and communicating through writing.   

Night of Eloquence:

The Night of Eloquence is a celebratory event recognizing outstanding student performances in the presentations of their “Be The Change” plans for bringing realistic, positive change to their communities.  While our event will be virtual this year due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions and for the health of our students and the community, our goal is to highlight a select group of students and the skills they have learned in their workshops

2021 Virtual Night of Eloquence
May 17, 2021 - 6:30 p.m.


We sincerely thank you for joining us for the 2021 Stand & Deliver Virtual Night of Eloquence Event. It was an honor to take this opportunity to celebrate the 2021 Stand & Deliver presenters and to recognize our scholarship recipients. 

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