Asm Bramnick on the State's Role During the COVID-19 Crisis

Steve Adubato is joined by Asm. Jon Bramnick (R) ā€“ NJ, Republican Leader, to talk about the long-term economic impact of COVID-19, the role of the state government during the public health crisis, and the importance of working together to make sure every New Jerseyan is supported.

4/4/2020 #402






"Welcome back to a remote very special edition of State of Affairs Iā€™m Steve Adubato we're actually taping this interview with the gentleman you're about to see very shortly he's a republican leader in the state assembly Jon Bramnick he's taping from his home office I believe or his office we are taping at east main media studios like everyone else in the media world we're trying to do the best with what we have and we have a great team behind us and most importantly assemblymen hoping that you and praying that you and your family are doing well. Thank you and I feel the same about your family so everyone's doing well right now but everyone's concerned. So so Jon let's do this you and I have had so many conversations on State of Affairs over the years about tax policy about economics about the budget about a whole range of things we're taping on the 20th this show will be seen after that what should we be talking about if we're not the news we're not gonna be updating on what the latest numbers are and what the latest policies are but what should we be talking about right now for people that are watching this a couple weeks after that still matters? The only thing that matters that we're taking care of neighbors and we're working together to get through one of the most difficult periods in the history of this world and that should be the sole focus right now making sure we think about our neighbors our friends our family and especially the people on the front lines of fighting this coronavirus. Let me follow up on that assemblyman we're speaking with assemblyman Jon Bramnick the assembly republican leader we're taping on the 20th of march let me ask you this Jon you said those are the only things we should be thinking about but the longer-term economic impact that it's going to have on a whole range of industries I can't imagine an industry that's not being affected what is the role in your view of state government then we'll talk federal government to be of assistance to these folks when we do ultimately get quote-unquote through this? State governor government has to make sure that we do our best to make people as whole as possible we also have to give them the confidence that we're gonna get through this that we're gonna be there and make sure we have the backs of everyone that means individuals and businesses and that when we get through this that we're going to do whatever we have to do to get new jersey back on its feet in..."