Asw. Schepisi on the Challenges Facing the Republican Party

Steve Adubato sits down with NJ Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R) – NJ to explore the challenges facing the Republican party in New Jersey, the future of the GOP nationally and the impact of President Trump on the party.

5/18/19 #102






"Think Tank is pleased to welcome State Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, from Bergen County, represents a whole range of... and Passaic County as well. You've been in the Legislature how long? Seven years. Hmm. You have often been described as, not just an up-and-comer, but someone who is a moderate, who is fiscally conservative, but socially open to a whole range of things. How hard is it for you at times to be a part of the Republican Party, where you've said, quote, "I don't want to be perceived... I don't want to be a part of a party that is perceived to be a party of angry white men." And you said you got in trouble for that? I did get a lot of pushback and... both positive as well as negative. But do you believe that? I believe we are perceived as that. And that's where we as a party must rebrand ourselves. Particularly in New Jersey. In New Jersey, we are probably one of the biggest tents that you could imagine. And yet there's this narrative, this... you know, national narrative that we are solely a party of rich white people. And that is not the case. And particularly not in New Jersey. We have... we are the party of the middle class. We are the party of the small businessperson. We are the party of LGBTQ, minority, female... In New Jersey? In New Jersey. Is New Jersey...? Assemblywoman, is New Jersey out of sync with the national Republican Party, 90 percent plus of whom the Republicans support President Trump's policies, and let's just say, the things he has said about women...? Right. The things he has done and said about immigrants? Right. And the overall tone that he has, some would argue, is not particularly inclusive? Right. And it's a fair argument to make. However, if you actually look at the number of women within his administration when you actually sit down and talk about, you know, we've lost the ability to discuss policy. What do you mean by that? Everything is sound bite. Everything is let's go to the furthest extreme on both sides, whether or not it be Republican or Democrat. And almost everybody I know falls onto a bell curve, kind of in the middle. We... Well then how did it get so polariz...? I'm sorry for interrupting. How did it get so polarized? Like, if I'm right you have to be wrong? Right. And you're a bad person? Right. I... I think... That's not you? It's not, and it's not the people I know in my party. And in fact, it's so frustrating because the people who I know within the Republican Party..."