Billions Actor Talks Roles on TV and Stage

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Actor Kelly AuCoin who talks about his role as Dollar Bill Stern on Showtime's "Billions," his recent role on FX's "The Americans," and his new role in "Long Lost" at the Manhattan Theatre Club.

5/30/19 #2223






"Well they blew up the Chicken Man in Philly last night, and they blew up his house too! Out on the boardwalk, they're getting ready for a fight, want to... Stop it. ...see what... I got chicken business with you. What do you know about the Chicken Man? [music playing] I can't believe they pay me for this. [laughter] This guy, Kelly AuCoin, actor in Billions, he plays Dollar Bill Stern. I love that scene. I love every scene that he's in in Billions. I'm obsessed. I'm one of those weird fans. And you honor us by being here on public broadcasting. Thank you. You honor me. Like I was telling you before, I am such a PBS and NPR fanboy. So this is great. This is where I want to be. Thank you. By the way, set... for those who don't know... if you don't know Billions, check it out. Dollar Bill Stern describe the character. By the way, as we tape this program in May, 2019, go back in the last... check out the last couple episodes as well, because you really come out there. Right. Describe the character. Can I swear? Probably not. [laughter] No. The answer is no. By the way, you said you love PBS! You know we don't swear. But go ahead. I know. I know. I thought maybe... No. No. Okay. So he's a... he is a... it's hard to do without the swear... Is he...? He's a blunt instrument. He is a... he's loyal to a fault. He... most people think he's amoral. I think that may be true. But he's loyal. And... He's a crappy boxer. By the way, we're looking at... you don't see the shot right there? I see it behind you? Oh yeah. Right? Yeah. Yeah that wasn't... But go ahead. That wasn't the most dignified moment for me. Yes. But he's... from my perspective, he's a raging a-hole. But he does it for his team. And the morality factor? I mean... Yeah. Bobby Axelrod, the... who... Yeah. And by the way, the name of the actor who plays...? Damian Lewis? Yeah. Yeah. Who has an Australian accent? No he's... English? He's English and Welsh. English...? Oh. Yeah. I got that wrong? Yeah. But I know it's not from the Bronx. Toby, who plays Connerty, is... yeah is Australian. Is that right? Tasmania. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So your loyalty to Bobby Axelrod? Yeah. The character Bobby Axelrod? Yeah. Is based on what? It... my loyalty to him? It's based... And the firm? Well, but him more than anything else. If Bobby were to leave the firm, or if Bobby were forced... I don't know. If something..."