Broadway Actor Talks About His Role in Hadestown

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with actor Reeve Carney to talk about his role in the 2019 Tony Award-winning Best Musical, Hadestown.

11/27/19 #2262






"Wait! I'm comin', wait for me! Wait! I hear the walls repeating. Wait! The falling of my feet and it sounds like drummin'. Wait! And I am not alone. Wait! I hear the rocks and stones. Wait! Echo in my song. I'm comin'... Man, that guy can sing. I'm Steve Adubato. This guy cannot sing. That guy can sing. He is Reeve Carney. Thanks Steve. Back by popular demand. Thank you! [laughter] We had you over in Lincoln Center. Yeah. At the Tisch WNET Studio. Now, this is the NJTV Studio. Yes. In Newark. Reeve Carney is… that is Hadestown? Hadestown. Yup. And you play? Orpheus. Set this up... by the way, let folks know where it is. The Walter Kerr Theatre over on West 48th Street? Yup. Set this up for us. Okay. Go ahead. Well it's based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. I play Orpheus. And it's a retelling of the myth of those two characters, but incorporating something that has been involved in a lot of the versions of... involving Orpheus' story of Persephone and Hades. So it's kind of... two intertwining love stories is what they like us to say about the show. It's a tricky one to talk about, because it's... you don't want to say too much, because our composer, Anais Mitchell, has written something so beautifully layered that it allows, in my opinion, the audience to really sort of project themselves onto the characters. And so it's tricky. You don't want to give... I'm almost... I'm hesitant to give too many details about the show always, because I don't want people to walk into the theater having any specific idea about what they're about to experience. It's so interesting. I mean, you have to tease this thing. [laughter] You have to promote this thing? Yeah. You... just like when you had a... what was that little thing you were in when you came... Spiderman? Right. [laughter] Oh yeah. You heard of Spiderman, right? Right. You didn't have to plug that too much? No. Because it's like, "Oh! It's Spiderman!" Right. This is different? It is different. And I think... yeah. I mean, you don't have... and with Spiderman, I mean, they're based... it's based on a storyline that everyone understands and everyone knows. The great thing about Hadestown and even the myth of Orpheus, is that a lot of people actually haven't read it. And I think it's almost more interesting for some people if they come into the theater to see Hadestown for the first time, having not read anything about the myth, and then maybe, because we've had a lot of repeat viewers. There have been people that have already seen it 20 times. Really? Which is amazing. And I think part of that has to do with the fact that they can bring whatever..."