Chef Ariel Fox Dishes on Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen"

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Chef Ariel Fox, winner of Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" and Concept Executive Chef at Dos Caminos, to discuss how her experiences have led her to where she is today.

5/6/19 #2215






"Ladies and gentlemen. Our Hell's Kitchen winner - Ariel! [Applause] Since the first time she was here, Ariel has grown tenfold as a chef. She is fiercely talented, extremely determined, and a commanding leader. Wow! I mean I love that show. But the idea that we're meeting the winner right here at the NJTV Studio in Newark, for One on One, is a great thrill. She is Ariel Fox, Chef Ariel Fox, winner, Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, Season 18, and Concept Executive Chef at Dos Caminos in New York City. What was that moment like? Yeah. Oh, that was such an amazing moment, especially because it was the second time around for me. So the first time was such a disappointment that... You came in third? I came in third. Yes. What was that like? That was heartbreaking. For sure. I... when I walked out the door that first time, it was like I kept kicking myself in the butt for the next ten years. Why? What did you say to yourself? I should have? Could have? What? I should have - could have - pushed myself harder, thought outside the box, made myself uncomfortable, I played it way too safe the first time. What's this dude like? Gordon Ramsay? He's... [laughter] Well he's a lot taller than you think in person. Very intimidating. But he just... Is it an act? ...brings the best out of people. Is it an act? No. He's that hardcore? He's that hardcore in the kitchen. Yeah. Outside of the kitchen? He's a nice man. But in the kitchen, he means business. You know I'm a student of leadership. I'm a student of the way we communicate in different situations. What I'm fascinated by when I watch the show is, is he motivating folks or breaking them down? Or do some get motivated and some get broken down? I think it's a little bit of both. Yeah. I mean it doesn't work for everybody. Did it work for you? It works for me. Why? I... I mean you go... hold on. [laughter] You grew up in California? Laid back California. Right before we got on the air... we're in Newark, New Jersey, Brick City. Yeah. Now we have you in the New York, New Jersey area. But you were bragging about the weather? Yes. In California? We're in allergy season. I mean you were saying how nice it was. Everyone's chill. Everyone's laid back. You were surfing? Yeah. And you were prepared for Gordon Ramsay? Well my dad prepared me for Gordon Ramsay. So my dad is... he's definitely a strict dad. Not a yeller. As I would call it... I would say hardcore. You say? He's hardcore. Hardcore? Yeah. Hardcore..."