CNN's John Avlon Talks Trump and the 2020 Election

Steve Adubato sits down with John Avlon, CNN Senior Political Analyst, to talk about President Trump, the future of the United States and the 2020 presidential election.

6/20/19 #2227






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. Coming to you from the Tisch WNET Studio in the heart of New York City, Lincoln Center. It is our honor to welcome one of the giants in our industry. John Avlon is a senior political analyst at CNN. You see him on New Day every day, doing Reality Check when there's not a lot of reality to go around. [laughter] And also the author of the book Washington's Farewell: The Founding Father's Warning to Future Generations. John, good to see you. It's good to see you Steve. Thank you. What time you up in the morning to do your...? Oh God! I get up around 4:15. You know. Roll in the studio lot for 5:00. Describe New Day for folks. It's CNN's morning show. It's, you know, Ali Camerota and John Berman are the anchors, and it's a sort of, smart, substantive... hopefully I think it's younger and funnier than a lot of the competition. But it's rooted in real reporting, which is one of CNN's great assets. You know. It's not just an opinion show. We'll get some salt and pepper in there, but it's about the substance. It's about fact first. So let's be clear folks. We always are upfront about when we're taping. Even though we think we're evergreen. We're not a new program. We're an analysis program. We're taping mid May, 2019. The Constitutional crisis issue? This airs two months from now. Will there still be a, quote, "Constitutional crisis"? God, I hope not. I mean it does seem to be sort of a rolling disaster of a situation we're in with regard to a president who is not constrained by precedent. You know, the situation we're dealing with right now is, it really just goes to the heart of questions of checks and balances. Congress' ability to provide oversight to the president. Whether the administration will respect subpoenas, and instead we've seen a sort of a stonewall strategy. I think it's about suing for time as much as anything else. The president's hoping that the courts will pick up these cases. They'll have to. Because of... Why? ...the time... Why is that to his advantage if the, quote, "courts" pick it up? The third branch of government. The executive, the Congressional branch, and why is the judicial branch to his advantage? Because they're so slow. It might move these things out until after the next election. That's the... What? Yeah. Look, I mean, there... So what happens then? In some of these cases... Well, in that case there... Nothing? ...will be incomplete information given to the Congress, and by proxy, the American people, about the things that the president's trying to keep concealed. Look, fights over executive privilege have gone on since the..."