Creative Strategies for the Challenges in Higher Education

Steve Adubato and Dr. Eugene Cornacchia, President, Saint Peter’s University, talk about creative ways to respond to challenges in higher education and the expansion of the university into the Meadowlands region of New Jersey.

10/6/18 #3124






"Doctor Gene Cornacchia is President of Saint Peter's University, based in Jersey City, New Jersey? Yes. Beautiful Jersey City. Absolutely. Gene, let me ask you this. We had great conversations with different college presidents, people watching this program heard me say that you were a part of it, there were three others. Your biggest takeaway from that? >My biggest takeaway is, first, we're optimistic about the future of higher ed. Clearly. With all its challenges? Yes. But I think we all recognize our special role in society, preparing the future leaders in the future workforce of America. And to do that well, we have to work together, and we also need state support. Even though you're... there's some degree of competition? Yeah. Healthy? It's healthy. Good. It is. Talk about this. The National Award, the American Council on Education, what award are we talking about? Ah! The Institutional Transformation Award. What is that? Ah! So, the American Council on Education/Fidelity Investments gives an award each year to two institutions, one under 5,000, one over. We got in the category of under 5,000 for an institution that has addressed the challenges in higher education in creative and innovative ways over the last five years. Such as? So for Saint Peter's, it meant..."