Dual Admissions at Two Colleges Save Students Time and Money

Joseph Marbach, President of Georgian Court University and David Stout, President of Brookdale Community College discuss their dual admissions program and how it can help students save time and money.

8/27/18 #2159






"Welcome to One on One. I'm Steve Adubato. But check this out. Every once in a while, when you have a really great guest, it's one on two. Let's check these guys out. We've got, on my right, Doctor Joe Marbach, President, Georgian Court University, and next to him, his colleague Doctor David Stout, President, Brookdale Community College. Good to see you gentlemen. Joe, set this up. You were with us on State of Affairs, our other show, and we happened to mention that the two-year colleges... yours, the four-year institutions of higher learning... yours, are partnering up more and more. What's the partnership between you guys? Yeah part of it is the emphasis on making college accessible and affordable. And so we've been working at Georgian Court with Brookdale for probably 18-20 years now, in a program originally called Communiversity, but now we're recently... with satellite campuses that Brookdale has, and a Dual Admission Agreement, that actually includes high schools in some cases, where we can bring students from high school through an associate's degree, to a bachelor's degree, and an MBA at Georgian Court. A dual...? I'm sorry for interrupting Joe, a Dual Admissions Initiative? Right. Talk about it. So Dual Admissions means the students actually will apply to Brookdale or to one of the community colleges... A two-year? They... the two-year school. Right. And then they're accepted into the two-year school, but simultaneously they're accepted into the four-year university. So as long as they meet the criteria for acceptance into that university, they're guaranteed admission. But David, how does this impact on the affordability issue that Joe raises? It absolutely decreases the overall cost of education. Because? Because you're... the cost of the community college tuition is typically far less than what you would find at the state schools or private institutions. And then, in addition to that, we have this really great agreement as part of our partnership, that we reduce the cost of tuition at Georgian Court by up to 52 percent... We provide scholar… Break that down. We provide scholarships to the students coming in based on their GPA and their standing at Brookdale. We know the quality of the education coming in. And so we're able to give them merit scholarships. So it cuts the cost of the second two years by about half. Is this a model that a lot of other four and two year institutions of higher learning are engaged in? It absolutely is. This is the way we're... it's the current, and it's absolutely the future. This is the way that we're cutting down on the cost of overall college tuition by partnering up in this way. And universities have been doing this for a while through..."