Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

Steve Adubato goes on-location to the NJ Business Hall of Fame to sit down with inspirational youth leaders and business experts to discuss the importance of career training and financial literacy in today's education.

6/24/19 #2231






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. Tonight is a big night here in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is, in fact, the New Jersey Business Hall of Fame. It's benefiting Junior Achievement of New Jersey. So here's what's gonna happen. For the next half hour, you're gonna meet three business leaders who are, in fact, being inducted into the New Jersey Business Hall of Fame. We also talked to some young people who are, in fact, part of the Junior Achievement world. People who are alums, graduates if you will. They actually are the ones who go back and teach fourth graders about financial literacy, about trying to be the best citizen you can be. So this half hour is all about, not just really Junior Achievement, but the impact that they are having on young people to be the leaders of tomorrow. Check it out. [music playing] I hate when people say the movers and shakers in New Jersey are here. But that's a fact. They are. And one of them is right here. She is Catherine Milone, President of Junior Achievement of New Jersey. Good to see you. It's so great to be here. Tell folks why this is such a big night. This is one of the most incredible evenings, because we're honoring spectacular leaders in the state, as well as the... our extraordinary high school heroes who are our high school ambassadors. There will be about 75 of them here tonight. Yeah, by the way, sorry for interrupting. There are several people being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Business Hall of Fame, we'll talk to them as well. But Catherine, let me ask you this. Some of the keys to getting young people ready for the world of work, that Junior Achievement focuses on. Name some things. Oh, developing soft skills and employability skills, understanding what leadership is all about, understanding career pathways. And that's how we incorporate volunteer role models into our programs, so that they can provide that experiential piece, that real-life piece, to have children understand what it means to have a variety of career paths and opportunities ahead of them. You know, a lot of people, some people, don't expect much from younger people for whatever reason. They don't think they work hard enough. They don't think they accept a lot of feedback. Blah blah blah blah blah. You see the best of these young people. What do you see in them? Oh, the absolute best in young people. These young people want to learn, they want to create, they want to be entrepreneurial. We give them the opportunity to be entrepreneurial. How do you do that? Well here... for example, we have... I have..."