HGTV Stars, The Cousins, on their New Children's Book

Steve Adubato talks with HGTV stars The Cousins - Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri - about their new children's book, “What Can You Do with a Toolbox?”

11/15/18 #2176






"For us volunteers, the friends, our team, to be able to give back to them, and give them a new beginning. But I couldn't be happier than I'm a part of it. It's an insane build. People are wanting to help, hand in jobs off to volunteers. Everything is completely chaotic. We gotta move baby. Oh my god. What happened to this room? It's now the dining room. Wow. Check out these two guys. I wasn't on camera, these guys are on camera. Anthony Carrino, John Colaneri, that was from what was that from? "Cousins Undercover" HGTV days. That was great. Fun show. Got it. You guys are the author of a book called, "What Can You Do With a Toolbox." I know the answer for me is nothing. I can do nothing with a toolbox. You guys have an Ellen-tube, Ellen DeGeneres, what's that here so? We've done a bunch of stuff with Ellen, we've got a new series coming up with her on Which is her digital platform. So, it's actually the creative processes. It's been a long time coming, but basically we're giving back to neighborhoods in need. But, we're encouraging those people within those neighborhoods to help us help their own community. Interesting. So, you kind of teach people how to help themselves along the way, and then hopefully you're building an army of people that pay it forward down the line. What's the idea of this book? So, the book again, you know, talking about what Anthony's saying about helping others. We've done so many construction shows. We've worked with a ton of people all over the country. And we said, you know what it's time to really get kids involved. I would go into my wife's preschool class. I would teach the kids about tools, I'd bring my tool belt. They were so engaged. And my wife is like, you guys need to do this for children and actually write your own book. Stop reading other construction books, do your own. Right. I told Anthony he's like, yeah this makes sense. This is the perfect time to do this. This is for kids. Well it could be for adults. We've gotten some notes back that adults are getting benefit out of it as well. Yes. Steve, as you mentioned just before going on... I'll disclose on the air here... I don't need you to disclose. Cause we're all Italian doesn't mean that I can't... I can speak for myself. I told you guys, I disclosed a lot of things on the air, but I'll disclose this. I don't know exactly how to find a beam. Yeah. And you laughed? And you, ok are you ready, 16 inches apart and... 16 inches... On center. On center. I..."