Higher Education: Embracing the Future

Higher education is changing and evolving every day. This panel brings together four college presidents to look at the state of higher education in New Jersey and across the country. Panelists discuss topics including affordability of higher education, impact of community colleges on four-year institutions and the greatest challenges facing public and private colleges throughout the state. These leaders also examine the factors that will impact the future of higher learning.

Guests Include:
Dr. Joel Bloom, President of NJIT
Dr. Gene Cornacchia, President of St. Peter’s University
Dr. Nancy Blattner, President of Caldwell University
Dr. Ali Houshmand, President of Rowan University

8/25/18 #3120






"Welcome to Caucus. I'm Steve Adubato. You know, higher education is changing and evolving everyday. Here in the studio to discuss what it takes to deal in the world of higher education, we are joined by four good friends who have been with us before, but I don't think in this composition... Doctor Gene Cornacchia, President of Saint Peter's University in beautiful Jersey City, New Jersey. Doctor Joel Bloom, President of NJIT in Brick City? Newark. Doctor Ali Houshmand is the President of Rowan University in Glassboro? Mm hmm. That is south? South, yes. And finally, Doctor Nancy Blattner, who is President of Caldwell University in Caldwell, New Jersey... in Caldwell? In Caldwell. Okay, so... listen, you've all been with us so many times and I really have been looking forward to this conversation, because even though we have talked in different settings about higher education, the future of higher education... Nancy, let me start with you. Okay. The biggest challenge you and you think your colleagues face in the world of higher ed as a president today, 2018 going to '19, is? Well I think there are many challenges, but one thing I think that probably all of us would agree upon is that we need in the state of New Jersey a strategic vision for higher education, that all of us, even though we represent different sectors. Here you have presidents from public and independent institutions we have colleagues who are also at the community and county colleges and from the for profit sector... that all of us have a place at the table to educate New Jersey citizens and citizens from other states who come to New Jersey's institutions for higher education... but that we have to agree, working I think, with the secretary for higher education and others to really come up with a cohesive plan that provides the best options for all students. So let's play this out... a strategic plan for higher education take a.... someone take a shot as to what that could and should look like. Doctor Houshmand. I would say that I think we educate the future of America. Basically, these are the individuals are going to go and take over various challenges and jobs. Therefore, we need to always be aligned with what the need of the..."