Innovative Research Dedicated to Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Steve Adubato goes on-location to Kessler Foundation’s “Transforming Care and Recovery for People with Spinal Cord Injury” event to speak with Natalie Barrett, research participant, Kessler Foundation, about the innovative research taking place to help those recovering from spinal cord injuries.

11/12/19 #2258






"Welcome to Kessler Foundation. Steve Adubato on location. We are part of a conversation tonight. You can see all the folks behind me. They've gathered for a forum I'm gonna be moderating. It is called Transforming Care and Recovery For People With Spinal Cord Injury. And we are honored to be joined by this young lady next to me, Natalie Barrett, who is a research participant at the Center for Spinal Stimulation at Kessler Foundation. Good to have you with us. Thank you for having me. Let's get this clear. Your family's from...? Jamaica. But you were born and raised in...? East Orange, New Jersey. And we are honored to have you with us tonight. Thank you so much. You're gonna be participating in a panel discussion? Yes. A research participant in 2015? Yes. Describe for folks what changed your life. Well, I was leaving the airport, at Newark Airport, and someone hit me from behind. They kept going. And the airbag broke my neck. So my level of injury is c-67. I was gone for three days. And then God said, "No, I'm not ready for you." And he brought me back. And he also allowed me to have use of my legs again. So it changed my life, forever altered my life, but I take away the blessings that came along with it. I'm here. You always had that faith? Yes. The other thing you're doing is you're actively participating in this research? Yes. Describe for folks exactly which... because I know there are a few different forms of research and treatment, so talk about it. They put electrodes on my parts... on parts of me. I have them on now. My back up top where my injury level is. Also down lower and over around here as well. And it... what it does is it feels like a car engine. Like it's revving you up. It revs you up, the stimulator, to enable you to... even though I'm walking, it strengthens the walking. Everything is stronger In the panel discussion you're going to be doing...? I'm told that you're gonna do something...? I'm going to be walking with canes. The exoskeleton has allowed me to strengthen so much to where I can, slowly but surely, I can walk with canes. Just two of them. And I'm going to demonstrate that today. Two years ago, a year ago, could you do it? No, not at all. This is because you're participating in this? Only because I'm participating. And because you're working hard? Very, very hard. And you got a lot of faith? Lots of faith. Thank you Natalie. Thank you for having me. All the best. Thank you. Okay..."