Make a Difference Week: Boy Scouts, Chess, Hunger

As part of Make a Difference Week, Steve Adubato and Joanna Gagis talk to four NJ leaders: Bart Oates, Debbie Eastburn & Damion Josephs and Adam Lowy. Steve Adubato talks with former NY Giants great Bart Oates about the tremendous impact The Boy Scouts can have on a young man and current Boy Scout Matthew Scala about how scouting has “changed his life”. Chess in the Schools President & CEO Debbie Eastburn and alum Damion Josephs share with Steve Adubato how chess is teaching valuable life lessons to kids in low-income New York City schools. Joanna Gagis goes on-location to take a look at the hunger crisis in New Jersey and talk with Adam Lowy, founder of Move for Hunger, an organization that that collects unopened and non-perishable food items from families that are moving and delivers them to their local food pantry.

5/12/17 #2039






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato here. More importantly, I have two very special guests to talk about Scouting and why it's so special. First, our good friend, back by popular demand, looking better than ever, Bart Oates, former NFL player and star. How many Super Bowl rings? Three. Yeah okay, who's counting? Yeah. And also a Scouting volunteer, and he's joined by his good friend Matthew Scala, who's sixteen years of age, just told me he's been in Scouting since he was six years of age. Yes I have. How great is this? And I want to thank our friends over at Wakefern for talking to us about Scouting, and why this is so special. I gotta ask you something. You were a Scout as a kid? I was. Yeah, I grew up as a Scout. And now you're a volunteer? Been a volunteer for years. Because? I've been a Scoutmaster. I've been... because this is an awesome organization. It helps young men kind of learn leadership skills, self confidence, a lot of fun, camping, just... you know, connecting with nature... just tremendous benefits. So for ten years, you've been in this? Ten years. What would you say the number one benefit you've taken from your Scouting experience has been? I'd have to say friendships, because the boys you meet in Scouting are the boys that you're gonna hang out with for years to come. I know most of my friends are from Scouting. I hang out with them on the weekends, we go places, we talk on the phone all the time, just a really great way to meet new people. It's interesting, you said you talk on the phone, and do you actually talk on a phone or...? Well, we text. Okay! [laughter] We text! [laughter] We always have a big group chat. We're always... Do you really? Oh it's very active. Everyone's on. "Oh, how is everyone's day?" Sending everyone funny messages or something. But it's a Scout thing? Oh, it's a Scout thing. It's all Scouts. That's great. Scout jokes and stuff. Scout jokes is about..."