MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid Examines Media in the Trump Era

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one to talk with MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid about the challenges of covering the Trump administration. Reid also shares her thoughts on how sexual harassment claims have changed the media landscape.

12/21/17 #2096






"Welcome to One on One. I'm Steve Adubato, from the Tisch WNET Studio, here in the heart of New York City. It is great to welcome back, by popular demand, my good friend, Joy-Ann Reid, host of MSNBC's AM Joy, every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to...? Noon. You love that gig? I love it. Because? Well, I love my team, first of all. We just have an amazing team. You have a good team? We have a majority women team. So... girl power! So do... we have that here too. By the way, tell all the guys on the team here, we have a majority female team. Is that...? We value our guys too. But we have a... we just have a great team. It's really diverse. It's ethnically diverse. It's, you know, diverse in terms of gender, and sexual orientation. It's just a really great little microcosm of America. A lot of really great young producers. I love that. I love working with them. And I just love the opportunity to have that platform to talk about the things I care about, politics and policy. And to do it with a lot... enough time. That two hours is fabulous. And even... it always often seems too short. Our biggest problem is that we can't fit enough content into the... That's right. ...two hours a day. Let's do this. We always disclose when we are taping. We're taping during the holidays of 2017. We'll be seen after. We don't know. We don't know. We don't even know the next day. [laughter] Describe the relationship that you see, which you've talked about extensively, and I have been on with you to talk about this as well. Yeah. The relationship between media and the President/the White House. There is no relationship. And I think this is unusual in the sense that whether there have been Republican presidents or Democratic presidents in office, the relationship with the media has been either good or bad, but there's been a relationship. What you have right now for the first time in memory, in modern memory, is a president who sees himself as an opponent of the media. He doesn't see the media as being valid unless it is affirming him. And so only media that is personally affirming and praising him is valid in his opinion. And so what he's done with the rest of us is to say, "You are illegitimate." Full stop. Fake news? You're fake news. And until you come around and begin to cover me with praise and adulation, I will continue to tell my third of the American public that follow me that you are invalid. And that when I send my spokesmen..."