NJ Developers Are Working to Revitalize Atlantic City

Joseph Jingoli, CEO of Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc., and Jack Morris, President & CEO, Edgewood Properties, talk about their partnership and investment to revitalize Atlantic City, and provide an update on the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

5/12/18 #212






"State of Affairs is pleased to welcome two guys who, let's just say, get a lot of things done. Joe Jingoli is CEO Joe Jingoli & Son, Inc. and Jack Morris, President and CEO, Edgewood Properties. Good to see you guys. Good to see you. Good morning. Good morning. Are you guys involved in a little bit of a project down in Atlantic City? It's the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino? Yeah? Yeah, you know, I think we're about to get into something. How would you describe it? It's really amazing. The rebirth of Atlantic City is happening, and we're proud to be part of it. Talk about this Joe, because I wrote an article for New Jersey Monthly if you want to check it out, and we we're finding out about what was going on, excuse me, on the rebirth of Atlantic City, and you guys are a part of it. I was struck by the level of energy and enthusiasm down there, how much of it is actually real versus hype? It's happening, the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel coming to Atlantic City, the New Jers... South Jersey Industries' headquarters. Right. Stockton with a city campus. I think this is a great time to be in Atlantic City, I know it's a great time for us to have made an investment and have a partner like the Hard Rock, it's a lot of fun, it's really exciting, and it's happening really quickly, and we're having a lot of fun with it. Jack, you and Joe have developed all kinds of projects all over the state, really in the nation. Was there any part of you that said, "Hey, AC, it's a big risk"? We knew it was a big risk, but we knew that there was a big opportunity, Atlantic City is a great place, iconic place, has been for many many years, and it just needed... it needed somebody to pay attention to it, and with the state stepping in, taking the position that they did, having great partners like Hard Rock. Hmm. We thought we can make a difference, just to come in there with a small amount of horsepower wouldn't have changed anything. Hmm. But the large amount of horsepower, we came up with Hard Rock, we're making a change, and you see it already. Let's talk about the hiring, because one of the things I'm fascinated by is the commitment that both of you have had to hiring folks from the community and everything that it takes to do that. Joe, talk about that. You know, it just makes a lot of sense, you hire the people that live in the communities that your businesses..."