NY Jets Player Gives Back Through His Organization SkrineWay

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Cornerback for the New York Jets and Founder of SkrineWay, Buster Skrine, who explains how his organization helps children and single mothers in New York and New Jersey. Skrine shares his passion for using his platform to give back.

4/9/18 #2125






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. More importantly, check this... check out this guy. You just saw him on video. Buster Skrine, Number 41, Cornerback for the great New York Jets. They're gonna be even better next year. Founder of Skrine Way. By the way, what were we just watching? That's Skrine Way, it's my foundation/company. But what we do is give people experiences that donate towards the charity, so that it helps single women and children in need. What's the whole fitness thing? The fitness thing. So me, as a football player, I always said, if I wanted to get involved in something, it should be fitness, because I have to work out anyway. So to keep me going throughout the year, I have this fitness company, and I have a passion for fitness too, eating right and all that good stuff, so... that's how... You also have a passion for fashion? I do. Make the connection - fashion, fitness? Fashion, fitness. It all ties in together. I feel like if you... if you care about your fashion, it kind of attracts people in a way, and when you think about fashion, it's not what is cool or what you see everyday, it's who you are. So like, when I put clothes on everyday, things like that it's... I like... when I put clothes on, like I literally just wake up that morning and I put it on because it's like a creative mind said it, I should say. And by the way, that was part of the Skrine Way fitness line right? That was part of it. So let me ask you something. A middle-aged guy... obviously we're different generations if you will, could I pull that off? You could. Come on! I could not pull...! [laughter] Don't lie... do not lie to me! Yeah you could pull that off for sure. I mean you're a good looking man, you could pull that off. But you... okay, but for you, fashion is art? I mean it's clear to me, as I was reading about you, I was looking at some of the videos of you. You really have an eye for fashion. I'm wondering, when did you pick that up? Because you're a ballplayer? I'm thinking, when did that come in? Or was it always there? I feel like it was always there, I felt like the people I surround myself around are really creative. So just the creativity alone, just by the people I'm around, like it helps me out. So one of my best friends, Blue Cooper, he's an artist. I mean just seeing the things he makes, his creative mindset where..."