Real Housewives of NJ's Joe Gorga Discusses His New Book

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Real Housewives of New Jersey's Joe Gorga to discuss his new book "The Gorga Guide to Success" and what it's like being on the hit Bravo show.

5/21/19 #2219






"We are pleased to welcome Joe Gorga, who's an entrepreneur, real estate developer, author, a very interesting book, The Gorga Guide to Success. Good to see you Joe. Nice to see you. Nice to see you my friend. A pleasure. Now you're from Paterson, New Jersey? Paterson, New Jersey? Not from Newark, New Jersey? What's the biggest difference? Don't say you guys are tougher. We're classier, and we're tough... no! [laughter] Oh you...! [laughter] You're gonna go there, right away? [laughter] I have to. You have...? No. Why do we have to do it? We just have to do it. You know. That's what... listen, we're guys from the inner city hood, and we made it right? We made it. At least from the neighborhood. And I respect you no matter what. I... [laughter] Even though you're from Newark. [laughter] You know, it's always like a Jersey City thing, and Newark thing. It's always... By the way, I said North Jersey. Camden... that's another story. But let me ask you this. By the way, the whole idea of the book. Explain this. And I know we showed a full-screen graphic. You got a lot of different ideas? A lot of different practical keys to your success? But other than the Housewives initiative with you and your lovely wife Melissa, and your sister Teresa on the show, your success in real estate as a developer comes from what? Hard work. Everybody says to me, "How did you do it?" "Oh, he made money on the show. He made money through TV." No. No. I wanted to prove to people that I made it through hard work. And that's all it takes. Just get up and go to work and give it a hundred percent. And there's gonna be obstacles in life. Ups. Downs. But just don't give up. And I talk about always like, it's football. Put your head down and the goal line is right there. And you're gonna get hit from every angle. Just keep on pushing. And you're gonna score that touchdown. And that's what that book's about. Joe let me ask you this. Because you deal... you have young children? Yes. You know. Who've been born into a pretty comfortable situation. And I can say that because our kids have as well. Right. We didn't come from that. But that was the aspiration. Right. Here's the question. Do you think it's harder to get many kids today to work as hard as they need to work, to overcome the obstacles they're going to face, to be successful? Because we have given them so much? We give... A loaded question, I know. Yes. The question is yes. See, when I grew..."