Rep. Malinowski on the Issues Impacting the 2020 Election

Steve Adubato is joined by U.S. Representative Tom Malinowski (D) – NJ to discuss healthcare, transportation issues, interference in American elections and the impact of President Trump’s impeachment on the 2020 election.

3/7/2020 #201






"Hi I’m Steve Adubato this is Think Tank we've been bringing in members of the congressional delegation in New Jersey as well as our two united statesSenators talk about national issues and their impact on the state we have United States congressman tom Malinowski the Seventh congressional district, which is where? It is short hills Westfield. Cranford--You're not doing every town. There's 75 i could--Okay. What counties? So you the suburban towns of union county and then go all the way west through Somerset county Hunterdon county Phillipsburg and warren county it's one of the biggest districts by geographic area in new jersey mostly suburban rural diverse interesting highly contested. Highly contested is gonna be an interesting race in 2020 that the congressman be involved in will have his Republican opponent on as well but this is not a political show i just said to the congressman we do policy we don't do politics that being said you came into this position of running in 2018 in Getting elected you served in federal government before Yes, i did--What role? I was an assistant secretary of state in the Obama administration in charge of our Global human rights policies before that i served in the Clinton administration i was his chief foreign policy speech Writer riding around with him all around the world helping him speak for America. Congressman what's your greatest concern about the trump administration's handling of intelligence national security issues? My greatest concern is that the president is using his powers to defend our country to protect himself he's appointing loyalists who will implement his tweets rather than our National interests-- Doesn't he have that right as president? He has the right to appoint whoever he wants absolutely but i have a right to be concerned about the fact that for example he fired his director of national intelligence for telling the Congress the truth about-- I believe it was Joe Maguire. That's right president should be angry at Russia for Interfering in our elections not angry at his people for telling the congress that that's happening. How real is the Russia concern or concern about Russia In 2020 and their involvement once again and presidential if not congressional senate races go ahead. It's very real and you know we have a concern about hacking the election and one of the good things we have done in the house of representatives is increase the funding for states including new jersey to secure our election machinery but I’m also worried about Russians and others hacking our brains, it's the propaganda. Mm...It’s the the the weaponization of social media to divide Americans against each other and that's what we have to be vigilant against before we talk about transportation a huge issue infrastructure a huge issue in the New York New Jersey..."