Republican Strategist on the State of the Republican Party

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Jen Kerns, Republican strategist and contributor to “The Hill” and “The Daily Caller,” who discusses the state of the Republican party and her concerns about the current political discourse in our nation.

1/28/19 #2201






"One on One is pleased to welcome Jen Kerns. She is a Republican strategist. She contributes to The Hill, The Daily Caller, you've seen her on Fox News, MSNBC, Bloomberg, everywhere. You've been a political consultant to the Republican Party. You admit that? Yes, I do. Proud of it? Yes. Even today? Yes. As the Republican Party has evolved dramatically? Yes, very proud of that. Because? Well look, I think Nancy Pelosi, as much as she's proud that she won the house, the Democrats did not do as well as they had hoped to do in the midterm elections. They won a few seats, but go ahead. They did. They did very well in the House, they did not do so well in the Senate, and… That would be true. And I'm... I'm always looking ahead to the next election person, because I believe you're only as good as your last election. Sure. So I'm already looking ahead to 2020 and you look at the landscape of 2020, the candidates that the Democrats are going to offer, I don't think they're going to be able to overcome the popularity of Donald Trump. As... The popularity of Donald Trump? Yeah. Now, it depends upon which poll you're looking at... Yep. This is the end of 2018. We also don't know what's gonna happen... some investigations going on. I don't know what report comes out... Robert Mueller... we don't know. But the Donald Trump, quote, "brand of Republicanism" and Jen Kerns... as Tom Kean used to say, New Jersey, "perfect together"? You'd be surprised. My background... I've been awfully tough on president Trump at times. You sure have. When he was a candidate, I was a writer for one of the popular debates. I think one of the most watched debates... Oh yes, we know about that. ... in American TV history. And you know, I've written for The Hill and some other publications, looking at his record when he was a candidate. I wasn't fond of the fact that he had actually contributed a lot to Democrats. Lots. Lots. For 30 years. I did a deep dive into his fundraising and he actually donated quite significantly to Democrats more than Republicans. Including Hillary Clinton? Including Hillary Clinton. Didn't he say great things about Bill Clinton? He said he got a raw deal... should never have gone through all that with Monica Lewinsky where the people... whatever you think is your business... but he was like, "Hey, he's a great president." What happened? Where's that conversion? Did I miss it? Well no, I think President Trump holds that position still regarding himself. Oh, ok. It doesn't... what's happening with maybe Stormy Daniels' case, doesn't matter what's..."