Rowan University's Role in Helping to Revitalize Camden

Steve Adubato goes on-location to Cooper Medical School of Rowan University to talk with Ali A. Houshmand, Ph.D., President at Rowan University, about how South Jersey is becoming a hub for healthcare and education Houshmand also explains Rowan’s role in creating jobs and improving the economy in revitalizing the city of Camden.

1/21/19 #2191






"Steve Adubato here. More importantly, we are here at the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. We're here with our good friend, Doctor Ali Houshmand, who is President of Rowan University. Good to see you Mr. President. Great to be here. Thank you. Let's talk a little bit about where we are, why it matters, and what's coming here in Camden? Well, where you're sitting, if you drew a circle of radius of 15 miles, you will have a total of seven medical schools. This is the largest concentration of medical schools in the world. So that's one opportunity. The second thing. If you look at the way technology is growing, and the way that the new economies are being created, more than 50% of the current jobs that we know about are going to be gone. I'm going to be replaced by new technologies. And the full concentration of the future of economy in this country is going to be in life sciences. Hmm. But medicine and engineering and sciences intersect. The life sciences? The life sciences. Come and talk about that. Exactly. What is that? So that means that in the areas of healthcare, in the areas of food production, in the areas... in many many areas of drug delivery, in the innovative... of generation of, kind of, you know, the regenerative medicine, there are huge huge possibilities. And therefore, you're going to see economies being created. There are going to be jobs being created. Therefore Meds and Eds are at the heart of this... Meds and Eds? Yes. Break that down a little bit. Well the education part of it obviously creates... it trains the future of the nation. When you bring the medicine in here in the biology and biological sciences into this thing, now you create the opportunity to think about new economies. Hmm. How for example... think about, as the world population is growing, how are you going to feed the world? There are not going to be farms out there. The world energy and water is depleting. Therefore what's going to happen? You're going to see these vertical, these stackable, kind of, inner city farms that are going to produce food. You're going to see these labs next to medical schools that can literally grow meat. Instead of having a cow growing in a farm, you're going to see a filet mignon being grown literally in a lab. And that's how the food is going to be produced. It's... it's a game changer? It's absolutely a game changer. It has to be. I know it's a cliche, but it..."