The Plan to Attract and Keep Businesses in New Jersey

Steve Adubato goes One-on-One with Jose Lozano, President & CEO of Choose New Jersey, to discuss Governor Murphy’s strategic economic plan for New Jersey and how Choose NJ is attracting businesses to the state through global offices.

11/19/18 #2178






"Welcome to "One on One" I'm Steve Adubato, let me introduce our good friend Jose Lozano, president and CEO of "Choose New Jersey" which is, you're at a cocktail party. someone says, Oh choose what? "Choose New Jersey" it is? It's a not-for-profit organization that focuses on not only attracting businesses to New Jersey, but helps to market some of the great assets that we have. And helps the administration focus on economic development. And Jose's had an interesting background in the healthcare field as well, before that a little bit in government. That's right. Just a little bit over at the Environmental Protection Agency for several years under the Obama administration. You admit that? I do... still very proud of it. Absolutely, by the way Jose and I are here to talk today about Governor Murphy's a piece of this Governor Murphy's speech that was done on October the 1st, 2018. We're taping a little bit after that. The State of Innovation? That's right. Economics...economy of the state moving forward, want to set this up for us? Yeah absolutely. Well first things first, October 2018 is a 140th anniversary of the creation of the light bulb right. And so New Jersey is kicking off The State of Innovation plan that the governor not only ran for, but it is now trying to reimagine what the state once had, and is trying to give it a try to re...we get it back into the bringing back some of our strengths that we've had. So we see the governor, the backdrop that we see is somewhat connected to? That's right. That's right... The light bulb? That's right. We wanted to give it a feel of there's something that's very futuristic and very inspiring. And "Choose New Jersey" hosted the event? That's right. "Choose New Jersey" hosted it, because you know one of the main focuses of "Choose" is to attract new businesses. And the new businesses we have realized that the best opportunity for the state is for us to invest in companies that are starting up, that have come and plant the seed in New Jersey, and grow in New Jersey. And it's that futuristic company is what we're looking for. Ready to check out the Governor? Sure! Let's take a look at Governor Murphy right here. Now we're ready to take the next big step. We know that a stronger and fairer economy will be a more dynamic and inclusive economy. Just as our past growth was fueled by the inclusion of women, people of color, and immigrants into our workforce as much as it was by innovation. So today we make our boldest move yet to getting New..."